Jul 29, 2008

Umpire "Deferral" System ...

The new "Referral" system that is being introduced in the India - Srilanka Test Series is something which I seriously don't like. Its not for the fact that almost all the decisions that INDIA referred have gone against them, I somewhat feel we are slowly removing the importance of the on field umpires, and if this situation continues, there will be a stage where there wont be an on field umpire, seriously you don’t need one. I don’t believe in using technology for such things, all certain done, on field umpires are the best person to adjudge LBW decisions, using technology for that is not acceptable ...

If this kind of new systems are being introduced, this will certainly bring down the respect what the players have for umpires. The reason being, let say that all the 3 referrals are going against the umpires favor and if the technology is going to award a decision which is opposite to that of the umpires, then the credibility of the decision making skills of the umpire will be at stake and also this can seriously bring down the morale and the confidence of the umpires. Its obvious that the on field umpire can miss a nick or a bruise from the players pad because he is standing amidst of 40000 people who are screaming like hell, and certainly the TV umpire has the facility to see the ball coming in slow-motion and he can surely make a perfect decision, but that’s not the way the game is enjoyed.

I would accept for the fact that TV umpires can be used for deciding on the run out's, apart from that they should not be referred. Now itself it has become a pure batsmen dominated game and with the inclusion of such new technologies, we are making the game an even more player dominated game and taking of the due respect that we need to give to an umpire. What is the whole point in two old people standing for 100 over’s when knowing the fact that nobody is going to listen to them or obey their decisions, its as equivalent as "caring a damn" for those two individuals, if not for their decision, but at least for their age we need to give them the respect. I would be happy if this trial system is taken off and it’s not being practiced as a process for the future games.


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