"Mendis" the Menace

What we witnessed in the recently concluded test match against Srilanka in Colombo does indicate a bitter fact that, the Indian team which has toured Srilanka is going to have a shameful 3 - 0 defeat at the hands of Muralidharan and Ajantha Mendis. It was actually a contest between 11 players in India Vs 2 players in Srilanka. The so called "famous" four, Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman, could only be spectators to that magnificent bowling spell by those two spinners ...

When Srilankan's piled up a mammoth score of 600 runs, I thought that its a batsmen paradise and our Indian top-order batsmen would make merry, but little I knew that they will be made "Curry" by those Srilankan spinners. It was a spineless, toothless, shameless response by this famous Indian batting line-up which failed to resist for even 2 days. The body language was not so optimistic when the Indians came to bat, I think their minds were already pregnant with the worries of how they are going to tackle "Ajantha Mendis" the mystery bowler of Srilanka. He is for sure is a mystery as of now, to any batsmen in the world. His un-orthodox gripping of the leather ball is making even the genius of a batsmen like "Sachin" to scratch his head.

Not to mention the potential of Murali who is the leading wicket taker in game. He is for sure will be "deadly" if you have to face him in his own soil, its never easy to tame a lion in its own cage, but what is worrying is, there is one more pussy cat who sounds like a lion and that is what is making the Indians shiver. I don’t think our players are mentally prepared to face this spin duo and I am confident in we having a 3 - 0 defeat at the hands of Srilanka. I am not at all optimistic in Sachin getting past Brian Lara's world record in this series, as he is not in the best of his form. I wish and hope that Indians do not lose the rest of the two matches with such an embarrassing margin, I am expecting them to at least show minimal resistance.

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