Arushi's Murder - Resolved ?

It’s a big day of relief for Dr. Rajesh Talwar and his family and their worst nightmare of their life is partly over. I still admire the way the family has conducted themselves in this ordeal and the harrowing experience they underwent exposes the dark side of our law and the police department, its pretty evident that a common man when found himself in such a tangle has no way to prove his innocence other than being a mere spectator inside the jail. If at all there would not be such great media attention, I don’t think Rajesh would have got out this sooner...

But who is responsible for the trauma this family underwent?? What anyone can do now to repair the damage the media and the police have done to their character?? I would solely blame the media for all these fuss. I don’t deny the fact that they played a major role in not letting down this investigation die, but they are more responsible for the "character assassination" they have done on the talwar's. The media at times does not realize that they are also humans and they too have feelings and emotions. Today when Dr. Rajesh Talwar was released out of the jail, there stood more than 100 camera persons and news channel reporters, those scenes are always scary for a normal man like you and I, we are not used to this sudden media glare, we are not the rajini's or the kamal's or the bachan's to handle media with a knack.

I would say that media people just because they wanted to increase their channel's TRP ratings, they go to any damn extent. Today morning the media crowed was so much in the sense the police men could not control them, and in that chaos, a reporter's mic hit hard on Dr. Nupur Talwar's head and it was a painful blow. Secondly when Rajesh made an emotional re-union with his family, the term "privacy" was conveniently forgotten by the media persons and they were forced to hug each other amidst of 100s of camera's and mic's. Will they tolerate if we go to their home and capture their entire family affairs in cameras? Media is just an informing medium and they should not cross their line and poke their nose into someone's privacy.

As we all know Arushi's murder case has not reached the climax yet, those narco analysis and polygraph test results are not considered in the court of law, so CBI has to find some material evidence against those male maid's, if those killer weapon and cell phones are not to be trace, there are high chances of those people walking free and will be at large in couple of months time. All said and done, we have lost a young soul and the family has lost their only daughter in such a gruesome manner, its just time, which can heal this hard wound from their hearts. May all of us pray for their family to recover out of this trauma and may GOD give them all the strength and energy to carry forward in their lives.


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