Jul 25, 2008

"Shocking" without Electricity...

The entire nation is facing a severe power crisis and it’s vowed to get worse in the days / months to come. The reason that has been sighted for this crisis is lack of RAIN. All the reservoirs which stage hosts for the hydra plants which generate tons of mega watts power are not able to generate the similar load which is required for all the other states to use. Throughout the nation there are load shedding schedules charted out and as per that schedule there will be a minimum of 4 hours of power cuts every day for the residential population and this duration is expected to increase further. The fate is quite similar for the production industries as well, but owing to the loss they may incur, the duration is reduced to 2 hours a day...

Though the reason for this scarcity have been put on the lack of Rains, I personally feel that we citizens are to be blamed to the greatest degree, we have not used electricity with a caution when we had the supply in abundance. We still don’t have the habit of shutting down our PC's when we get back home and we are so casual in leaving a fan or a light in a room where we hardly occupy and switching on the AC just for the heck of it, when it can be managed with a ceiling fan, so I would not put everything on the rain GOD. So what is the way out of this current situation? Blaming the *poor* politicians is not acceptable, coz they generally don’t do anything for the nation, and it’s our stupidity to expect a solution from them on this issue too.

The government is desperately trying to get rains and with a costly affair of "Cloud Seeding" is being executed in the worst draught hit areas of southern India and northern India, the cost involved for 1 attempt of cloud seeding is close to 40 crores and the chances of getting rain out of that exercise is just 4%. I wish and hope rain GOD's hear this cry loud and clear and have some courtesy on us and shower all of us with a good quota of rain, by which we can escape this crisis. Nature keeps coming hard on us to convey the message that man cannot do anything he wanted to and there is one super power which is just above us and it takes the final call. I don’t want to see any more farmer suicides just because of lack of rain. I wish and hope that this situation improves and our country be blessed with a good spell of heavy rain.


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