Jul 27, 2008

"Serious" Bomb Blasts ...

With two consecutive serial blasts rocking the entire nation, some questions which still eludes an answer are "What is the purpose in killing innocent lives ?", What do these so called "Terrorists" want ? Which religion in this world preaches such barbaric acts ?. Its has now become a fashion statement for all those terrorist outfits to claim responsibility for any such incident, I think they are trying to prove a point to their fellow "competitors" that they are the best. I would certainly not blame the administration or the police department for these incidents, poor folks they are also caught unaware by these blasts. It is practically impossible to monitor the movements in a densely populated country like INDIA ...

The blasts that shook Bangalore was actually does not deserve to be called as "Bomb Blasts" when compared to what we witnessed in Ahmadabad. Being a very honest and a straight forward person, I want to pen my real thoughts in this blog without fearing any consequences. I am not so convinced by the fact that these "terror" attacks are carried out by terrorists or for that matter by any outsider. The entire nation knew what happened during the "Vote of Trust" in the parliament between BJP and Congress, and if you see, the two areas where the blasts took place are BJP dominated regions, so there is a very good chance of us suspecting that these blasts may have been triggered by a "dirty-hand" from Congress, why not suspecting them?

We all care a damn about what these political parties or these politicians fight for, all we are requesting them is to leave the country in PEACE. It will be arrogant on their part to play with innocent lives and killing them. If at all we conclude that these would be "terrorist" attacks, then why can't these political parties join together and fight against terror? The reality is, if Congress is ruling and such disturbing incidents happen, BJP, CPM, SP, will be happy to see that the government is getting a black mark, and they will add fuel to the fire and will not do anything to protect the public, but what they fail to realize that those political parties still have to come and fall under our feet for our votes.

This wonderful nation is actually being screwed by our politicians and we are slowly losing the pride and the tag of being called as one of the most "peaceful" nations in the world. Being responsible citizens, let’s not watch our great country falling prey to these terror outfits, lets all get-together and change the fate of our nation, If not for us, at least for our children and great grand children; let’s give them a peaceful place to stay. Let’s take off these irritating and selfish bunch of fools who are ruling us, lets do something to bring in a change. The first step towards that is, lets take the pain of going to the booth and then VOTE for the right candidate, India’s future is in our hands, lets not leave it into the drain.


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