Mind your own Business ...

This aging millionaire wanted to retire from his business as he is getting very old, and he wanted his son to take charge and run the show on his shoulder, but he was a bit skeptic to hand over that big responsibility to his son as he was very young and he does not know the intricacies of this business. He then decided to talk to his son and then find out his comfort level and his confidence in taking over the business. He went home and then called his son and discussed with him about his plans of handing over the business to him, so that he can continue from where he left. His son was extremely delighted and was more than happy take up the responsibility, so he decided to take his son to his office the next day ...

He took his son to his factory which he built from a 14X14 room to a massive 20 acre factory today. He told him all the day to day activities that he needs to carry out and introduced him to some of the senior employees of his factory who were responsible for all this success, his son was very attentive in listening to all that and he obeyed whatever his dad said. He then took him to the accounts department and then showed him all the accounts and the profit and loss sheets, he pointed out to his son that there was not even one single instance of loss being shown in his factory for nearly 40 years, and instructed him to continue the same hard work and then increase company's profit margin.

His son was very much delighted to take charge of the new role and was paying utmost attention to his dad's words. His dad then took him to the main factory unit and showed him all the huge machineries and their uses, also he explained how difficult it is to repair these machines and it is his duty to do regular maintenance of those machines. Then came the interesting part, he took his son to the tower house which is located inside his factory and that is the place where he used to sign all the confidential documents and all major deals got finalized only from that place, it is a small tower which is of 30 foot high and it was constructed by his dad during the world war time, just to keep an eye of the intruders who will be trying to infiltrate into the campus. His son felt that place to be very sentimental so he closed his eyes for a minute and then prayed to GOD before he sat on that big arm chair.

His dad asked him to be there and he decided to come down, his son was left all alone there. Once he came down he screamed from the ground to his son "Hey boy, why cant you jump from there now ?", initially his son was very confused of why his dad is asking him to jump from a 30ft tall tower house, but he just obeyed his dad's words and then he jumped from there and got grievously injured, he was rushed immediately to the hospital and was admitted into the ICU, days rolled on and he slowly started to recover from that injury, but still he could not guess why his dad asked him to jump from that height. Once he regained consciousness, his dad went and met him at the hospital.

His son was in all tears and could hardly talk, on seeing him, his dad said in a husky voice, "Dear son, with extreme sorrow, I would want to say that you have failed in the first test that I kept for you, before you taking charge of our business", his son was terribly confused and asked, "What test and how did I fail ?", and his dad replied, "The first lesson of any business is, NEVER TRUST anyone, even if its your dad", on hearing this, he fainted the next moment.

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