I Tagged Myself ...

1. What could be the 1 wish you will ask if a genie comes in front of you?
A: Make me a genie who can grant wishes.

2. What could be the 1 period you would want to go in a time machine?
A: The period where Dinasorous lived, I want to see them once.

3. What will be the 1 question you will ask if you happen to meet the captain of a UFO?
A: Can you please take that grocery shop guy along with you? (That guy irritates me)

4. What will be the 1 thing you would do if you are to go invisible for 1 minute?
A: Will confuse myself with too many plans, and finally 1 minute will be over :-(

5. What will be the 1 thing you do if you have 1 crore rupees rite now?
A: Pay my Home Loan (quite obvious)

6. Who will be the 1 person with whom you would love to live life long, apart from your Parents, Partner, Bro or Sis (same sex)?
A: Asin ;-)

7. What is that 1 song which you always hum, without even sensing that you are humming it?
A: Nee Oru Kaadhal Sangeedham ...

8. What is that 1 mannerism in you which can be easily noticed by others?
A: For no reason I rub my nose quite often.

9. What will be the 1 thing which you would want to take with you to your grave?
A: A book on, "How to tackle ghosts at HELL", that's the place I will go.

10. What is that 1 habit of yours, which are trying hard to get rid off?
A: Talking in Tamil, and translating the same in English immediately after that :-(

11. Who is that 1 person who deserves a tight slap from you rite now?
A: Same grocery shop guy ...

12. What is that 1 food item you will not say NO, anytime when offered?
A: Baadhushaa, hmm slurrppp, yummyyy!!!

13. Who will be that 1 dead famous personality, whom you would want to come back alive?
A: Diana

14. Who is that 1 teacher, you would not forget anytime in your life?
A: My 10th standard class teacher, Kodhai Sridhar

15. Who is that 1 friend, whom you are missing so much rite now?
A: Paul Solomon, He is one of my best buddy, who is very busy in the US.

16. What is that 1 thing you would do if you know your death date?
A: Check the calendar to see when it is coming ? ;-)

17. What is that 1 thing which you are planning to dispose for a long time and hasn’t done it yet?
A: My old used clothes, which I am planning to give to some orphanage.

18. Who will be that 1 famous personality, with whom you would badly want to date?
A: Asin

19. What will be the 1 lie which you have told, would want to be true?
A: Myself and Asin are in deep love with each other.

20. Who is that 1 person with whom you are madly in crush rite now ?
A: 1 is pretty small a count to say ;-)

I would want Amirta, Chandru to tag this for sure and of course anyone who visits my blog :-)


  1. I am amrita not Amirta ;)
    and will do ur tag soon...

  2. Ahhh, gottcha!!! I wont say that its a typo, coz i mistook your name to be Amirta, anyways, thanks for correcting. Tata


  3. u love this asin soooooo much......

    hmmm... your dream girl

    and that one about talking in tamil and translating to English.... is really true....
    Truthful confessions!!!!!


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