Jun 18, 2008

First Crush ...

He lives in one of the busiest city of this country, he is a carefree guy, who lives for the present and does not care about the future, because he thinks that future is not in his hands. He does not crib on anything in life except one, (i.e.) he does not have a proper shelter to live, and he lives on the roadside footpath. He does not have the necessity to earn as he does not believe in tomorrow. He is happy with what he gets and lives his life for that moment. Though he is old enough to get married, he is still single as no one is ready to marry him...

Life just moved on for him but little he knew that he is going to meet the crush of his life on the same roadside where he lives. It was pouring very heavily one night and not even a single place was left dry by that arrogant rain, since he has protected his roadside shelter from all natural disasters, his place was dry as a desert, as he was enjoying his night supper which he begged from a nearby shop, by watching the rain, he noticed a beautiful young girl was approaching towards his place. She was completely drenched and was frantically searching for a shelter to escape from the rain.

He just could not control his senses which urged him to offer a safety place for that girl, he ran outside into the rain and approached the girl and asked her if she minds to come to his place just to escape the rain, even she does not have a choice, so she agreed to come with him. His joy was boundless as that was his first occasion to talk to a girl in all these years. He took her in and made her feel comfortable and he also offered her a share of his dinner and was happy to see her eating that. He told her that she can stay with him as long as it rains and can go home if it stops. She agreed with a nod.

The rain does not seem to stop, and after sometime, she started to shiver out of cold, he does not have anything with him to protect her from that cold and hence he did not know what to do. He sensed that she might die out of cold and its time to pass on some heat on to her body. The outside rain has already spread a romantic blanket and also their age triggered those hormones which pressed upon the inevitable. He told himself that there is nothing wrong on this earth to save a life. He came near her and she too kept quite as if she needed that.

Vineeth was so upset that the groundnut paper cone does not revel what happened next.


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