Jun 2, 2008

IPL is all over ...

Ah, it’s all over. Once again Chennai tried hard to beat the Royals, but there wasn’t enough meat to fight back. Well, Dhoni cannot win all the finals he plays, so this time it’s not his day out at the IPL. I was happy that Royals have won, but I would have been even happier if Chennai would have won, but, it’s just a game and we have to enjoy it. I don’t want to narrate the sequence of events which unfolded yesterday, as almost everyone would have seen that, but I would like to share the two important events which happened yesterday which virtually grabbed the cup from Chennai...

The first one being, Kappugadera sent up the order after the dismissal of Albie Morkel, this was a rude shock to all of us and I think even Dhoni wouldn’t have expected him to come. He literally wasted the balls and was nudging for singles at the crucial stage of the match, why was Badrinath not sent up the order; to me he is a much sensible batsmen than that stupid Kappugadera. The second one was when Raina dropped Pathan off Murali's first over, if that catch would have been taken, I bet, we would have been the champions, anyways, Royals deserve to take the trophy as they have been simply outstanding throughout the tournament. Hats-off to Warne's captaincy skills and they way he conducted his team. Congrats champions.

On the other note, it’s going to be a different summer from now on for all the Indians. We are so tuned for the past one month, in a way we rush from office by 8 and sit in front of the TV to watch a game, but from today, we won’t be having anything to watch and it will take some time for all of us to get over that feeling. IPL has produced an absolute quality entertainment to millions and millions of viewers across the nation and also across the globe. Kudos to BCCI for making this event a great success and we hope to see IPL matches same time next year with a renewed attack. Who can forget those cricketers who gave us the entertainment non-stop. In spite of their hectic schedule, they maintained their fitness and played almost every game with the same intensity. Hats off guys, you were outstanding. This IPL has also exposed the future champions of INDIA who would be carrying INDIA's pride on their shoulders.

This is my list of the outstanding players who will definitely shine at the international arena if they play for INDIA - M S Goni, Asnodkar, Ravindru Jadeja, Shikher Dhawan, Abhishek Nayar, & Ashok Dindha. It’s for sure that we all will miss you folks and its time to focus back on our country and their upcoming tours, so let’s cheer up for team INDIA. Hip Hip Hurrayyy!!!!


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