Mar 7, 2008

This day might come ...

Dad, today at shcool my teacher was teaching us about an animal, she told me that its a wild animal which lives only in forest and it has stripes all over its body and its very ferocious while its attacking someone, also she told me that long time ago they uesd to have those animals in the ZOOs and now it can only be seen in a photograph, also she told us that we cannot see that animal anymore and its no more living in INDIA. Have you seen that animal dad ? ...

Well, dont wonder if your kid asks such questions to you, they are talking about our national animal TIGER, with the current rate of killings that are happening on that poor mammal, its almost on the verge of extinsion, it will be a shame to our country if we let out national animal to dissapear from this country, so lets join hands in the drive of saving that wild cat, when there is a place for lots and lots of two-legged tigers to live in this country, why can't this BIG CAT get a place ? Tigers are not encroaching our living area unless or otherwise we enter their area and harm them, so lets sto poaching TIGER's and make the government to take stringent action against the people who act cruel on those BIG CAT's

There is "Save Tiger" drive that is being organized by NDTV and they are keeping registers in almost all the manjor cities of our country, so just spend few seconds and please do sign that register, i am hearing what you are asking, how will our signatures save the TIGER family, yes, it surely will, that signature drive is just to uphold a very stringent law for poachers and the punishment for them is a DEATH PENALTY, so for the government to raise that law, we have to join hands. Please do this to save an animal family which may no longer be with us.


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