Currently i am reading this book "The Name is Rajinikanth" which is nothing but a biography of our one and only superstar Mr. Rajinikanth. I would say that this book was carefully crafted by the author Ms. Gayathri Shreekanth, its stunning to see how much effort would have gone into collect such trivial details about our hero and its a wonderful treat to all his adrent fans like me, though the book was slightly over priced, its actually doesn't bother you once you start reading that book. The author has shown her profound knowledge on the language and at the same time she has made it simple, if i mean simple, i mean her vocabulary....

The entire book was narrated as like a screen-play and hence it makes the readers literally sink into it, you just can't read half a chapter and then close it, you will be compelled to complete the entire chapter, that's the power of her writing. The book has variety of highlights including the "Unseen" photographs of our superstar which you would'nt have seen anywhere, those are exclusive stills used just for this book. It also has snippets like various co-stars talking about out superstar and expressing their views on this simple man, the snippet by Radhika Saratkumar was the best amongst the snippets i have gone thru, i still have'nt completed this book.

I got this book amidst some hotttt scoldings by my dad, as he was dead against in me getting this book for Rs 460/-, he asked me why am i wasting my hard earned money on such a book, even though he is also a die-hardfan of Rajinikanth, he just cannot digest my decision of procuring this book, but as usually youth prevails over experience and i finally convinced my dad and got this book. Its not that i got this book as i am a die-hard AC (fan is not the term to be used) of my thalaivar, more than that, i admire his personality as a human being, than as an actor.

I would strongly recommened all the educated fans of Rajinikanth to buy this book and feel the pleasure of reading a wonderfully penned novel about this demi-god. A big big big, HATS-OFF to this opthalmologist (Gayathri Shreekanth), who has made a very good start as an author, lets wish her a great success in all her future endeavours. She will surely have a great fan-following after this book as she has penned one of INDIA's, sorry sorry, WORLD's greatest ICON of cinema's. Good work Gayathri madam !!!


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