Airtel's New Ad...

Have you guys seen the latest Airtel Ad thats been aired nowadays ? A kid is calling her dad on his mobile late in the night and asking him to teach her drawing and immediately her dad points to the sky which is fully loaded with stars and then ask her to connect from one star to another and finally they arriave at various drawings like Whale, Cone Ice, etc etc, Oh man, Oh man ... i should admit that i am having a bad bad crush on that little girl who acts in that ad, she is simply gorgeous and adorable, she is an ANGEL, just watch this ad if you happen to see it on TV next time and you will second my opinion. This girl also has acted in one more ad where she will be with her little boy friend near a big dam, he will tell her that he only constructed that dam and says that at the count of 3 the water gates will be opened .... remember ?

Ohhhhh my GODD, she is choooooo chweeeetttttttttttt. I am planning to pull out that Ad from youtube and then put it here.

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