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Life i want to Live ...

Life is so busy nowadays ah ? But if we think deeper, all are running behind some hidden goals of life and some finds what it is and some are still running (like me). Being all alone in life is attimes a gift, that is what i would say, i get lots of time to do what i want, i could make my environment tailor made for me and make sure that everything pleases me, but there is a dream life i wanted to live, and this is how it should be ...

I a remote village (down south tamilnadu) in a small house, with just two rooms, it should definitely have a green lawn in front of it (dont dare to step on that, grass are not meant for walking) and couple of flower plants, a small waterfall kinda setup (i shd hear the sound of water), a small "oonjal" hanging above the celing (which can accomodate two ppl at a time) and 1 or 2 cute little labradors. Rest of the basic amienities goes without saying, food, water, clothes etc etc. I should get up by 5 and go for a small walk, take some deep breadth, have a cup of coffe in a road side shop, then leisurely read that day's news paper, then have a plate of hot fluffy Idli's with "Molagapodi" and one more cup of coffee. Then by 10 take a hot shower and take a walk in your garden, water the plants, pluck flowers and of course train those two little labrador's, spend lots of time with them, feed them, bring them on to a hot shower, and make them sleep. Have my lunch by 12:30 and then sit (yes, just sit) for 1 hour and allow the food to digest, take a book of my choice, and i am sure my eyes will automatically close, just sleep in an Easy-Chair which will be setup at the enterance of my house and by listening to the music of wind hitting the neem leaves up above my head , i will be going into heaven.

Get up by 4:00 PM and have a cup of Coffee (I luv it) and continue reading the magazine for a while, by now the sun would have started to bid adieu to your part of the world and I need to get out for an evening walk. There should be a big baniyan tree near my locality where lots of people will gather in the eveing for a round of gossip, join with them and debate anything from Indian Politics to Village panchayat, there should be a vendor who should be frying hot BAJJI's, grab a couple of that and munch it while you are debating on something, by now it should have started to dim and hence get back home, refresh myself by washing my face and legs, switch on my music system and start listening to some of my favourite songs (obviously Ilayaraja) and before you sink into that mesmerizing music, take a light dinner, probably 2 chapathi's or 2 dosa's, after dinner, take your cute little pups for a walk, allow them to finish their nature calls, come back home, feed the pups, put them in their hut and at the strike of 10:00 get into my temporary death.

Isn't it nice ? I will be glad if this narration would have helped you in vizualizng the exact scene while you are reading this.


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