Mar 6, 2008

India Clinches CB Series ...

Hip Hip Hurrayyyyy!!! that's how i wanted to scream, but i was at office and hence could not do that. Its a sin that i could not watch the match LIVE, but anyways the utlimate thing is i wanted INDIA to win and leave the Aussie's nose bleeding and that is what exactly happened. It was a very tensed match even to watch it on the Internet and you know what ? I later heard from my friends that the complete match was shown in my office GYM and there was a big crowd to watch that, pitty me, i missed that too. I do want to miss the highlights so i rushed back home by 7 and then finished cooking my dinner by 8 and then sat in front my plasma till it got over...

Its a nice lesson that we have taught the Aussies and we brought them down to earth as they were flying with the World Champ status, but Dhoni and his boys proved them wrong and at last clinched a convincing victory. I would'nt have been pleased if INDIA would have took it to the decider and then won, winning by 2-0 means a lot than a 2-1. During the slog overs you should have seen the Aussie faces, all dull and grim and i think ponting would have sensed a defeat moment Mic Hussy got out. The last over was a real thriller and i went into spritual mode and statred to murmer prayers, then i realized that i am not watching it live, i am watching the highlights ;-)

Kudos to Dhoni and his boys and they really made all of us proud. After this defeat i would expect Symonds not to open his mouth against any Indian player, Ponting should start looking at this game beyond australia and Haydon should never walk down the crease and play ;-))). We are have beat the World Champs at their soil and what else you need to cheer about. Another great thing about this series is our GOD Sachin is back to form, whether he plays to silence his critics or he plays for himself, the bottom line is he is playing for his NATION. Its all ended well for the INDIANs and i am soooo happy about it.


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