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Workaholic ...

Hoooo!!! Life throws us out of gear at will and we just could not do anything other than accepting to dance to its tunes. I was happily blogging a fortnight back and all of a sudden a big challenging task came on my way and I grabbed it with two hands as it was a very interesting technical work which would add value to my "Architect" tag, but after accepting that, I realized that I volunteered to have a big snake around my neck and the strength of the snake grew bigger and bigger as I was fully sucked into that job. I always had an intuition that I can tame that snake and kill him and that is what I did 3 days back and felt very relieved and happy about the task I did, really felt refreshing that I did something great. I was busy reading those appreciation emails and replying back to them saying "it-is-just-a-team-work" you know types and at last found some time to blog...

So that being said, my next assignment is in the US where I will be leaving on the 4th of September and this trip is seriously a face saving one for my company and my team, so myself and my mate G would be travelling to a place called Nashua and then prove and behave like Architect's and solve loads of issues there and come out with flying colors. My management is very much dependent on us and we should seriously do a good job there apart from enjoying over the weekends. I want you guys to pray for me and wish me good luck. Then on the personal front, I am pissed off that my vacation plan has been cancelled for the second time, first time it was due to Swine Flu scare and this time due to my US trip, but I have conveyed the message to my management that I will be directly getting into vacation once I come back to India. I now have to wait 6 more weeks to go on vacation.

I am moving my family back to Chennai this weekend and they would be busy hunting for my Miss. Perfect and I don't have to bother about that. I will be bringing them back to Bangalore after Dheepavali. I don't have anything else to blog here, but I hope I can blog more when I travel to the US as the working time over there would be a max of 7 hours a day unlike India where I work 14 hours a day. Ok buddies, let me sign off now and I am sure I will blog once I reach US. I know I have lot of blogs to read and lot of tag's to do, and I promise that I will do those when I am flying or when I am at the airport lounge. Nashua, New Hampshire here I come and be ready to greet me with those beautiful colors of fall :)


  1. ahaan!!! Kalakkrel... seriously i was wondering wr u disappeared after ur last Ekdandha... post...

    nice to know abt ur trip... miss.perfect ah?? konjam over expectationo?? ask for ms.Right not perfect... ok ya?


  2. Have gr8 trip to US and all the best!!

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hey Great to hear about the trip.. Would a superb change for you from place B....
    Have a wonderful time.. and by the time you touch down.. wishing that your Ms.Perfect's waiting here...
    All the Best Sats..!!

  4. have a great trip Satish!!!

  5. @All - Thanks folks. I too hope that the trip should go fine. Entertainment factor is always there, coz i am going with my friend who I know for 16 years now :)

    Ms. Perfect or Ms. Right it does not matter, she should be perfectly right, that's all ;-)

  6. All the best for ur trip. Hope ur family finds a good better half who would appreciate you.


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