A story which shook me ...

I have to share this with all my readers today because not everyone would have watched what I watched today. I am talking about a program which I saw in Vijay TV by name "Nadandhadhu Enna", they actually show stories which were real and still existing in this society. This program shook me so badly and I thanked god for giving me such a life which is a dream to that family. I should admit that I was moved so badly that I could hardly control my tears, though I claim myself as an emotionally stable grown-up, but I also know that my heart is not made of stone. The story is about a family which suffered humiliation and pain due to their son's behavior and that family still lives in pain. My heart goes for that old mother who now takes care of her son who is now 37 years old and she is almost 75. My intention is not to make my readers heart go heavy after reading this, but I wanted to let you all know that the life we are all living now and carving for more is something which not many people can even dream for ...

Murugan is the only son for his dad and mom and that too he was born after 10 years of their marriage and that mother told the reporters that their joy knew no bounds once Murugan was born, but fate had different plans for Murugan. He was a normal kid for his initial 7 years, but fate smiled its evil grin on him and Murugan picked up the habit of stealing things, things which are of no big value, both his dad and mom warned him, beat him, gave him hot iron rod shots, but nothing changed Murugan's habit and he continued his petty thefts and the village started to blame Murugan for any thefts that happen in their village. Murugan was once blamed for stealing 40 sovereigns of gold and the village strongly believed that he was the culprit, police was called and they gave Murugan their treatment and Murugan was beaten up so badly in front of his dad and mom. In that incident Murugan's urinary bladder got punctured and four days later to that incident, the folks who gave the complaint on him said that they have got the gold back and Murugan did not take that.

After this incident Murugan's dad and mom took this extreme step, they tied Murugan's legs and hand with a big chain and along with it he has to carry a BIG rock on his hand, which almost made him immobile and this plan is to make him sit at home and not move anywhere so that the villagers do not blame him anymore, but even after that the villagers continued to haunt his family and Murugan was continued to be blamed for all theft's. His mom told the reporter that even last month some folks came home and then beat him very badly and at her age of 75 she said she could just be a spectator, when she said that she was actually laughing and not crying, but I know even her tears would have dried up by now as she would have cried enough. She barely has any teeth left, she is surviving on her husband's pension of Rs 350 per month and she does some wood cutting work to fill the deficit. Her love and affection towards Murugan even at this stage is something great, though we all know that no relationship is great in this world than a mother.

I did not break down till this minute and so did that 75 year old mom, but when the Vijay TV reporter asked her "Being his mother don’t you feel bad and sad that you have tied your own son's hand and legs and asking him to carry a big rock on his hand, why can't you untie those metal things which he is carrying for 27 years now" and the answer that mom gave for this question made me to shed those tears "Ya, it is very difficult to see him suffering with those metal chains, he can't even go freely for toilet, but you tell me, is this not better than you seeing your son being beaten up by third person in front of your eyes" and after that she just could not talk, she too cried and so did Vijay TV's reporter. She added saying, "I don't know how long I am going to be alive, as long as I am alive I will take care of my son, but after my death, I don't know what he will do, poor guy does not know anything, he is very innocent" and I just did not have guts to watch her face any further, and my eyes had already put a tear shield which faded her image.

At her age she has to be well taken care of by her son, but it’s the reverse that is happening now. When that Vijay TV reporter asked all those village people if they can now remove Murugan's chains and set him free, not even one said yes to that, they still say "What if he starts stealing again", and his mom too feels that he should not be released, finally that reporter asked Murugan if he want to be released and shockingly Murugan too said "He does not want to be freed" and when asked why?, he broke down. His mom then took him on her shoulders and said "Don’t cry Muruga, You are a good boy now", seriously my heart is not made of heart to see such an emotional scene. Touch your heart and think, the life you live today is the best when compared to the rest. Money is not life, it cannot buy happiness for us, it is just a part of life, so let’s stop running behind that and make our lives miserable.


  1. Satish,
    First time visitor...really enjoyed some of the posts on your blog :)

    I was googling for nadodi thendral lyrics and got here, BTW. Mottai rocks :)

  2. @Talkative Man - Thanks dude for dropping in. Let me know if you need any songs from my collection, I can email you that.

  3. Parental agony / anxiety continues throughout their entire life. It doesnt have any retirement age.
    Pathetic story.

  4. sorry for being the prude but i personally feel that the program is a complete farce...

    some stories are blown out pf proportions and fictionalized to give it a masala touch... to me this is another version of a scripted reality show...



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