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If there would be one man in this country who is being discussed by a LKG going school kid to a man waiting at the door steps of death, it gotta be Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Good or bad, appreciation or critics, this man is dissected beyond recognition by every greedy INDIAN, it is not easy to live in a world where everybody wants to have a pie of your life, every move, every action of yours is being put under the microscope and  blown beyond proportions. It actually gives a sick feeling when you have to think a million times before even you keep a step, it is not always easy to avoid a billion eyes staring at you and that stare is always greedy and demanding and puts you under pressure to perform all the time, it is more like "You should not make a mistake", We all know that it is easier said than done. "I am a die-hard fan of Sachin", to me this is one of the most redundant statement an INDIAN can make, because there would be just handful of "no-brainers" who pretend as if they hate or dislike Sachin Tendulkar. This post is nothing but a "Letter" to my GOD, my role model, my unseen mentor, my life ... Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar ...

Dear Sachin,

First let me pray to GOD to give you all the strength and energy to cater to the needs of this greedy and ruthless nation which does not show you any mercy and always tax you to achieve unimaginable peaks. On your 37th birthday, me being one amongst your billion fans, wish you from the bottom of my heart that you should have a hale and healthy life and if at all I have the power to take away 1 year from my life span and add it to your account, I will be more than happy to do that, see, the greediness of your fans does not stop only with your on-field performances, we are even more greedy that you should live more than 100 years and still play cricket. I know you do not like to be addressed as GOD, but tell me one thing Sachin, do you really think that you are a human ? You don’t possess any qualities of a human being, you do not even fall under that category, you know why ?? Let me give you few pointers to make you understand the fact that you are actually a GOD and not a human.

Humans by definition - They are selfish people, they just care only about themselves, even the slightest of fame or money they just don't stand grounded, when they think that they have a huge battalion of supporters behind their back, they tend to involve in politics and try to disrupt the peace of this nation, when praised on their actions they feel elated and when criticized they get agitated and angry, they don't know how to control their emotions when provoked, they tend to lose concentration and feel satisfied when the entire world says that "he or she is great", they always feel that they have achieved more and there is nothing more left to achieve in their own field, they are made and designed to be greedy and jealous of others performing well. Touch your heart and tell me, do you possess any of these qualities ?? NO NO NO NO NO. When you do not have such basic qualities of a human-being, how can we call you as human, so the next big thing in this world is GOD and hence you are a GOD to all of us.

Sachin, I still remember the day when I met you at the MAC in Chennai, it was one of the most unforgettable day in my life which I still cherish, It must be some 13 years back, I missed my way to my seat at the stadium, and I accidently walked past the players stand, of course some 10 meters away, I just could not keep a step forward when I saw you at that close distance, I ignored the screaming of the security guard who asked me to move, I just could not control myself and hence I screamed "Sachinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" and immediately you turned towards my side and I did the "bow" and you flashed your charming smile at me and when I raised a "thumbs-up" you reciprocated to me with a "wave and a smile", I seriously felt, I could have died that moment, and fortunately I have photographed that instance in my memory and that will never fade. The kind of magnetism you have and the kind of impact you have made in my life, cannot be put into words in this post, those should be cherished inside me and I thank you every day for all the mentoring you did for me (without even seeing me). Life is like a pure white shirt and it is prone to get dirty, if we decide to concentrate only on the dirt, we fail to appreciate the brightness that white shirt has, similarly we can find loopholes to criticize Sachin, but in that exercise, we fail to admire the genius of him, so you critics, just grow up and see the brighter side of life.

No one in this country will have to manage such a pressure as you manage, whenever you walk out on the field with you bat, this greedy nation expects you to hit 6 sixes in an over and score a double hundred all the time, and I don't need to say how ruthless your fans were, because it is the same fan who wrote "If Cricket is a religion, Sachin is GOD" and also when you were out of form for a brief period of your career, the same fan had the guts to show a banner saying "T "End" ulkar". In every case one thing that was constant is, you always had your head over the shoulders, you once said in an interview that "It was hurting" and let me tell you Sachin, I felt ashamed that I too was one of those ruthless fans, who criticized you and said "You better retire and not damage your name any further", and you know the reason ?? It is all because of you, as you have trained us to be greedier by setting up new milestones for you every time and like a baby we always wanted to be entertained. I had tears rolling over my cheeks when you went out for a duck (golden duck) against Srilanka during your comeback tour, and the slow walk you made to the pavilion said it all and that's when Ian Chappel said - If Sachin has to stand in front of the mirror and ask "Mirror Mirror, Do I have to retire now, the answer would be Yes". That day my heart was completely broken.

You are a magician Sachin, you know when to pull out a trick and make the audience happy, and that is what you exactly did during the tour of England, you smashed the english bowlers all over the park and for your fans we literally felt as if you were reborn, and there started your magical journey once again, and as you always say "My best is yet to come ..." we are now realizing that this is what you mean. 2008 you reinvented yourself and that rang the death bells for bowlers like "Shoaib Akthar", "Dalye Steyn", "Bret Lee" and folks of that caliber. Those critics who were feasting on your downfall were searching for holes to hide themselves and your knock of 200 (n.o) was simply beyond worldly pleasures, that day, that match against the mighty South Africans, we did not see Sachin Tendulkar batting, we were witnessing GOD playing cricket with a helmet and pads on after shedding his bow and arrows. Again, you made me cry that day, and this time it is out of happiness as words fail to express my joy, tears were sweet and not salty that day. You’re so called critics who I refer as no-brainers too have no choice other than standing up and give you a "bow", and still you were grounded and not flying. This is one more incident to convince you to that you are not a mere human.

One thing I wanted to tell to your critics on your behalf is, Guys, when you all scream that Sachin is playing for records, do you no-brainers know that it is not an easy joke to go out and play and hit centuries ? Do you think that records are planned ?? It is not like you sit on your dinner table and say, "Ok, tomorrow I am going to hit a century and increase my record count", guys, it is all about performance and the willingness to perform. I always used to say, cricket is very very easy to "talk" and not to "play". Without the will to perform and a passion for that game no individual could have achieved so much, you all talk as if setting up records is a "day to day activity", just rewind your life and see what you have achieved in your field, it will be next to zero. When you perform with full commitment, records just follow and happen, and no one can plan to set records in his life. Playing for the nation for 20 long years is truly unbelievable and still maintaining the top spot and respect across the cricketing fraternity is seriously not a human behavior. Sachin, you have created your own imaginary "Himalayan Mountains" which is much bigger than the original "Himalayas" and you are climbing fast towards its peak and the kind of enthusiasm and energy you have at this age is not "human" once again.

I have seen you right from the first game you played for INDIA, leaving aside the magic you weave on the field by tearing apart the opposition, what really shook me is your nature of composure, keeping your head on your shoulders, keeping your feet grounded in spite of such great achievements. I have not achieved anything in my life so far, but when I achieve the goal of my life, I would certainly want to take a leaf out of your life and try to pretend as if I am grounded (at least pretend). Just let us know the secret of you being so down to earth even though the entire nation is ready to fall under your feet. It cannot be possible by a human Sachin, try to understand that, you are not fit to be called as human, we have not seen GOD, but if at all there is GOD, we know, he will be like you. May you live longer and keep feeding these hungry fans by setting up new milestones in your glorifying career and I know there will be a day when you call it "quits", I should either go deaf and blind before that or I should leave this world forever. I will NOT follow that game if you are not going to play, my life and passion towards cricket started because of you, and I want that to end when you decide to leave that game.

I don't know if I am blessed to see you again in my life, but I am happy in seeing you at that close distance once, and I don't want to erase that from my memory. I don't have the age or the quality to bless you, I feel I have the right to pray for you and your goodwill, so my prayers for your success, happiness, peace of mind will always be there for you Sir. I Love you Sachin ... I Love you ... Here are the final moments of one of the greatest innings by GOD Sachin where he raised to that mountain peak of 200 runs. Look at the cheer, the respect the SA players show to him, that respect comes out of delivering and performing at the highest level. Aren't we supposed to be proud that we too lived during the time a genius called Sachin played the sport cricket ? Enjoy those moments in this video and re-live that great day in your life ... "Sachin200"


  1. I never realised that u worship and chant as thou ur breath. I have nothing to comment regarding this. Hope he reads ur blog.

  2. completely agree with whatever you said, it will be really really sad the day he quits cricket.. hes a gentleman beyond boundaries and truly, hes God.... God bless him!

  3. //I will NOT follow that game if you are not going to play, my life and passion towards cricket started because of you, and I want that to end when you decide to leave that game.//

    Not you , Every Sachin fan would say the same.

    Very Very nice article.

  4. Sachin would have felt speechless if he read this :) A lovely post by a great fan of Sachin...Great one! Thanks for writing such a nice post..I liked reading every bit of it

  5. A post, worth reading. thanks to nilaraseegan for the intro.

  6. I wish Sachin reads this !


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