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I have been off blogging for more than a week and the reason is there were so many things happening / happened on the personal front. Life throws surprises at you every now and then and all we can do is just to accept those surprises. I was always hesitant and timid to take the next step in my life and that is me getting “hooked” up with someone and starts the second innings of life which is called "marriage". I know I am a very conservative person when it comes in taking risks in life, though many of my friends gave me mixed responses about marriage and married life, I was debating within myself whether to go or not to go, yes, I am serious. I was actually debating whether to get married or just be single, but every time in my life incidents have proved me that I am not the one who is going to call the shots when it comes to deciding my future, it is the super power who takes calls on my behalf and I am a mere string doll in his hands...

I had been to Chennai last week with truck loads of thoughts running in my mind, and I was not sure what would be there for me in store. I told myself that I am not going to go with any pre-defined mindset or any pre-assumed decisions. I have to take care of keeping my environment cool and at the same time pretend as if I am not tensed and still manage to stick a smile on my face. When the "d-day" came where I have to go and meet someone in the evening, I took a deep breath and then gave myself the much needed "motivation tips" and fooled my mind as if "life is coolll". I was absolutely at peace and with a confident mindset I went and met that person. It was a casual meeting and this time I was not haunted by those "jump into conclusions" syndrome. I met that person and within minutes into my conversation, my mind started to oscillate and I handed over myself to my instincts and gave full permission for them to rule me for the next one hour. I was actually not sure when and how a decision was made but at the end of the conversation, all my instincts "trumpeted on the roof" saying, "Yes, that's it and there you go ...” There was a big sigh of relief from my inner soul and my mind felt as if a long haunted ghost just left my body. The atmosphere suddenly seems to be cool and my sweat glands had already called it a day on their behalf.

The entire family was elated when I and SV conveyed to them that we are good to go and it’s time for the wedding bells to ring. I was actually not sure of how to react and I should say that I took that decision with absolute emotional balance, I was neither too excited nor hyper, and my mind stayed calm likes the waters deep inside the ocean. It is all done now, SV is the one with whom I am going to spend the rest of my life and for a moment I have to pinch myself to feel that this is real. I just could not believe that I too landed up in an "arranged marriage" as I was the one who constantly questions that process. How can someone choose their life partner in just 30 minutes? How on earth we can judge an individual’s character in 30 minutes? All we can do is to see if that person is physically attractive or not and nothing more than that. All these questions were thrown out of the window when I met SV, probably it is because of the fact that I had shutdown my "intelligence" and surrendered to my instincts and hence I did not have such foolish questions. I know I cannot keep on search for a 100% match in this format of the game, at the same time I was cautious enough to understand that I do not want to rush just because time is running out, luckily in my case, things just happened and I should say, I have found a match which is close to 85%.

"Beauty is Skin Deep" and I am not saying this just because I did not get a chance to flirt with the most "beautiful" girl in this planet, I really mean this. To me looks does matter, but at the same time it does not need to matter for that fact that how that will matter for others. As long as those two individuals feel as if the guy is "Abhishek Bachan" and the gal is "Aishwarya Bachan", we are through. I know it is going to take some time before I understand SV and she understand me, and we are in no hurry to understand each other, as we know we have a whale of time left in our lives to spend some quality time. The one thing which I always wanted in my partner is, she has to be her own self and should allow me to be in my own self and there is always a common ground where they are going to meet, as long as that concept is understood and accepted, I don’t think married life is gonna throw any tantrums. To me married life is like a big white shirt, and it is prone to attract dirt’s, the more we concentrate on the dirt’s, we fail to appreciate the bigger brightness of it, and I agree the fact that human mind will always search for the dirt in everything, but that is not how I wanted to live my life. I am a person who never worries about yesterday, I concentrate only on today and try to visualize tomorrow a bit. I know very well that I am the one who can keep me happy and expecting others to keep me happy is stupidity.

With faith on GOD and loads of hope, I and SV are going to start a journey which zillions of folks have already made. What is the fun in a journey if everything happens well, so I am not so greedy to expect that everything should go well for us, I am ok to have problems, fights, misunderstandings etc etc so that life will have that extra grip. I thank GOD, my family, my friends and all my well wishers for all the prayers and requesting you all to extend the same prayer space to SV as well, prayers and blessings make wonders in anyone's life. I know, I have been a "go-lucky-no-worry" kinda person till date and I am not sure how I am going to handle this new phase of my life, but with support of SV, I am sure this phase too is gonna be a cake walk. I am not sure why I chose this "April Fool's Day" to write this post ;-) of course this post is not to FOOL you guys.


  1. Congratulatio0ns baasss!!! :)

  2. Many Many Congratulations Satish....finally you have done it ;)

  3. Congratulations, Sat :). All the very best to you :)

  4. Eppadi maamse, ponnu parthutu Ok sonnadhumae ivlo gnyanam poradiruchu....kalyanathukapuram..u will be at your enlighted best nu sollu..hahaha

    Anyways I am very very very happy for yu..and Congrats to the lucky girl too :-)

  5. Congratulations.... As Chan said a major shift in your style of writing, ennanga kalyanam nnu pecha eduthavodane humour ellame kaanama pochu.. Oh sorry, ithu serious post ah. Okie. All the best to SV ;)

  6. Congrats, nalla mudivuthaan . God bless both of you , what is this SV is it Satish weds Vidya or her initial is S?
    I liked this statement .....

    ''I am the one who can keep me happy and expecting others to keep me happy is stupidity''.
    All the best

  7. Congrats Satish...
    May God bless you both

  8. @All - Thanks a ton for all your wishes and keep your prayers on.

  9. ahem ahem ahem ahem god i am coughin toooo much ahem ahem lemme grab some water ahem

    ek kuwara fir gaya maara ;) (get it translated from some hindi knowing person)

    Welcome aboard Satish... Indian Traditions Flight Marriage Welcomes you :D And dont worrrrrrry its a jolly good roller coaster ride buddy, there are cool ups and dumb downs, but then u got someone with u always through them all, and thats the charm..... congrats to SV too..

    Ps. one suggestion, u may remove the anushka ka pic from ur blog, it mite not go down well with her.. for that matter even i dont like her staring at me with that silly cocked smile when i am reading ur posts :(

  10. Best wishes to both of you!!!

  11. congrats to u and virtual SV ;)

  12. congrats sat. wish you a wondrful 2nd innings.

  13. @Amrita - I can help you with some good cough syrup ;)) Thanks for your wishes. BTW - Your request has been taken care and that female is no more on my blog :)

    @TM - Thanks mate. Will mail you in detail.

    @Shylu - Thanks yaar!!

  14. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Congratulations to you and SV !!!!
    Really happy for you both..!! :-)

    Wishing you loads of happiness in togetherness..!!

    (I know I am little late..!! Logged on and saw the post just now and commented)


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