You - I - We & Me - Part 3

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Time and tide waits for none, that dreadful Saturday too came and Varun seemed to be very nervous. He first wanted to confess certain things to his mom and he was sure that he could convince Kavyaa by some means, but he is too hesitant to take even that first step. Varun made a promise to his mom saying that he will marry the girl whom she decides, may be its too late to go back on that promise, but that was very much on the cards till he met Kavyaa. "Love is torture" he told himself. He has no one to blame other than himself...

Varun's was asked to stay at home in the evening as the girl's family along with the girl is coming to meet him. Varun was physically present and mentally absent, his heart was searching for Kavyaa and the reason for missing her in his life, but he still had some ray of hope in his heart that he can confess this to his mom, like how every Indian cricket fan would hope that the last pair would win matches for the country. The family which Varun's mom has asked to come home are related to them by some distance, and they came to know about Varun and they approached his mom regarding a probable alliance, Varun's mom too liked that family and above all she has that promise Varun has given her that he will not object to her choice of the girl, so keeping all those in mind, she decided that this family could well be the one she was searching for.

Neha is very beautiful girl, who has done her bachelor’s degree in management and is taking care of her dad's business. Varun has absolutely no reason to say a NO to her, but his heart refused to listen to his mind. He was working on finding reasons / excuses to avoid this girl, but his mind returned him with a blank response. Neha was the first one to open the conversation, she was non-stop in her conversation and by the time Varun came back to his senses, he did not know what she was talking for such a long time, his mind and heart was choked with thoughts of Kavya. It was his turn to talk something to Neha, he tried his level best to speak few sentences coherently, but was not sure of what he spoke.

Once they all left his place, Varun decided to confess his love to his mom, he was rehearsing his dialogues that he needs to tell his mom. His mom came and gave him a tight hug and told him on his ears that the marriage has been scheduled for next month. He could see his mom visibly happy, she brought a small laadoo from the kitchen and then inserted into his mouth, though the laadoo was sweet, the news was not that sweet for Varun to digest, but the happiness that was there on his mom's face, mentally prepared him for a sacrifice, all certain done, life is all about keeping others happy and the thumb rule is, you can't keep everyone happy. Varun could sense that he is missing his love of his life, but his priorities were different.

Varun lived the life of a zombie for the next 1 week, one fine morning, his mobile vibrated, "Kavyaa Calling", he picked it up in a hurry, and there was a call wait on his mobile "Neha Calling ..." (ah!! director's touch), Varun could just be silent as he knew he is the one to be blamed for this relationship to be split. Kavyaa started with a "Congrats" and as expected, her voice was broken when she said that, and that really made Varun feel so embarrassed over the mistake he did in his life and that has spoilt a girl's life. Varun could not reply with a "Thanks" instead he said "Sorry" in an equally broken voice. Kavyaa asked him if she can meet him for one last time in her life, Varun was reluctant to say a Yes to this, as he does not want to face her eye to eye, which he cannot do, but his heart gave him the permission to say Yes and they both agreed to meet at their usual meeting place.

That evening is the one Varun wanted to forget in his life, and that place he hated to visit again in his life. Kavyaa was already waiting for him and she ordered their usual chat item "Paani Puri" and for a change, this time Kavyaa paid the bill. Varun did not have the guts to see her face, but Kavyaa did not have such problems, she knew that she was not responsible for this mess. Varun said "He was helpless" and Kavyaa replied back saying "But I am the victim", Varun looked at her, which meant "Please don’t kill me by your words". Kavyaa too did not want to hurt him, because she still loves him, she loves his innocence. She changed the topic by asking details about Neha thinking that this would lighten the mood and she wanted to bid adieu with a good smiling note and heart to this relationship, Varun just maintained silence, Kavyaa grabbed his mobile and browsed the images folder to see her snap, she just reacted saying "Wow, what a pair, you guys are made for each other Varun, I am so happy for you". I will pray for your happy married life.

Normally Varun used to drop her till her house, but this time, Kavyaa decided to take an auto, she took out a small gift from her bag and placed it in Varun's hand, with tears and smiles trying to play a happy scene on her face, she faded into the dusky evening of Mumbai. Varun felt some oblivion setting into his life and that will be there forever. He stood still in the direction Kavyaa's auto went and he just could not digest the fact that he is not going to see her forever in his life. Both that day’s evening and Varun's life started to set.

Time is the best healer, years rolled on, both Kavyaa and Varun lived happily forever .... wait, wait, wait ... Kavyaa is the name of Varun's Daughter and Varun is the name of Kavyaa's son, most untold love stories becomes the name of their kids, that's true naa ?. But I am still wondering why I named this story like this ? May be one more blabber from this iyerpaiyan ... :)


  1. Anna, not the ending i expected but a good ending too. world has come to a point where no one lives for themselves, life just goes on living for others, this others includes parents too... and to say the truth i don't blame love its just the people in love, i've seen no parents die because of their children's love, but have seen many lovers dead because of parent's not accepting their love. k anyways, life has to go on....... Not many lovers and parents understand what really love means.... anyways, good job iyerpaiyan anna.... keep it up...

  2. Nice story, was expecting some twist....

    About the story, No one to be blamed for such situations in life, instead the situation itself to be blamed. Somehow people're forced 2 be contended with what they get then what they want.

  3. Oops...i read the story 3...2...1......1...2...3....

    Well written...
    Hm...A happy ending would have been more appreciated!!! :-)

  4. @Shylu - Hahaha!! You Need a break buddy. Good that you read it the right order once again

    @Chan - Ah, well said maams.

    @Niru - Thanks yaar. But Happy ending is something which I dont believe, so hence finished this way

  5. Good writing. Even i expected a happy ending.


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