Give me a Break ...

There are times where I feel why the hell I chose to be on the Technical Line, I should have gone into Management. Whole of last week I was working for 18 hours a day and I am still working. Today when I got up from my bed, I said that I am not going to stay at office any time after 4:00 and I made it a reality as well, yes, I came home by 4:00 today, adding on to the fact that this being a long weekend and I am all pumped up to go to Chennai (my hometown)....

If you were working on my technically challenging issue, then it would have been fun and you would not be bored, but this hectic work is not of that kind, I have to work with another team and it is full of new comers and one team lead, none of them tend to understand what I wanted to do and they were doing things on their own, imagine how the situation would be, if politics join hand with this issue, man, I was mentally tired, that team lead has some serious attitude problem and he refused to take whatever this architect says, I have a fellow colleague of my who is also an architect, he just got wild and said "Get Lost", but ultimately you have to do that stuff and keep the ball rolling or else my boss (who is the director of the company) will royally screw me at the back.

Attending meetings and conference calls have become a routine for me, lucky me, I am not working for any services company, hence I don’t need to worry about appraisals and buttering my manager, this being a product company I have been given full freedom to do whatever I want and whatever decision I wanted to take, so slowly I could control the swing and somehow brought things under control, but still there are lots of bombs placed under my seat and I have to un cover all those technical challenges, this project is more like a minesweeper, I gotta be very careful in all my moves. Anyways, long weekend has come for my rescue and I am not going to carry my laptop to Chennai and I am not going to reply to emails via my Blackberry, I just wanted to spend some quality time with my folks at home.

I wish I could get back to those blogging ways where I used to blog at least 15 posts a month, let’s hope that kind of free time arrives, till such time, I will not be disturbing you guys with those stupid stories of mine :)

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  1. Dont worry mate...nothin lasts forever...not even yur troubles :) cheer up !!


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