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IT Phobia's ...

Here are some of the phobia's that exist in this IT industry, just scribbled something which came on top of my head. Request the readers to post their phobia's which they think would make more sense, even you can correct the definition of my phobia's...

1. Test-O-Phobia - Fear of their code being given for testing which we ourselves know it will not work.

2. Development-O-Phobia - Fear of reading specs and coding as per the specs.

3. Manager-O-Phobia - Fear of talking to managers who believes that everyone other than him or her is an idiot.

4. Management-O-Phobia - Fear of managing all managers who act as if they are managing everything.

5. Plan-O-Phobia - Fear of putting dummy project plans for projects which would never come up.

6. Date-O-Phobia - Fear of working towards a dead line which automatically changes once reached or crossed.

7. Mail-O-Phobia - Fear of forwarding those spam emails where we will be asked to forward to 7 people within 1 minute.

8. Food-O-Phobia - Fear of eating the food served in office cafeteria, which is what I call, "Suicide Attempt".

9. Appraisal-O-Phobia - Fear of filling in those appraisal forms where we tend to write lots of things that we have not done.

10. Rating-O-Phobia - Fear of Ratings, whatever you put the managers are going to change it.

11. Meeting-O-Phobia - Fear of attending meetings where no one knows what the agenda is.

12. Figure-O-Phobia - Fear of seeing 40+ old "figures" coming in jeans and tight t-shirts with a contrasting lipstick color.

13. Presentation-O-Phobia - Fear of giving presentation on a topic which you have no clue of what it is all about.

14. Excel-O-Phobia - Fear of drawing bogus graphs to show-off a positive image to the management.

15. Housedrop-O-Phobia - Fear of being put on a route where you will be the last one to get down.

16. Hike-O-Phobia - Fear of being given the lowest hike all the time.

17. Coffee-Tea-Phobia - Fear of drinking those vending machine coffee / tea where water will be more than powder.

18. Laptop-O-Phobia - Fear of being allotted a laptop which would have been rap** enough by its previous users.

19. Security-Phobia - Fear of being stripped by the security just because you have your ID card inside your back-pack.

20. Advice-O-Phobia - Fear of getting advice from your manager on an issue which he would have never faced in his life and talks as if he has seen that issue day in and day out.

21. Onsite-O-Phobia - Fear of being sent to onsite on a cheapest airline which does not give you the guarantee of landing.

22. Websense-O-Phobia - Fear of all the important websites getting blocked, including your orkut and facebook

23. Conference Call-O-Phobia - Fear of being pulled into conference calls exactly at the time when you decide to leave office, just because they run out of 1 person.

24. DressCode-O-Phobia - Fear of asking you to wear formals just because a client has visited some other office in your campus.

25. Treat-O-Phobia - Fear of colleagues asking you for a treat, just because you got an appreciation email for something which you have not done.


  1. Excellent post ;) I reallly likd it.


    * ServerUpdate-O-Phobia - Fear of updating the server during Fridays ;)

    * CustomerCall-O-Phobia

    to de list ;)



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