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Welcome 2009 ...

I always welcome new year by going to a temple which is at "Thiruporur" it’s very close to Mahaballipuram. Even I were abroad, I used to come to INDIA during new year and start my year from Chennai, I am a lil sentimental here also I used to have sentiments like first phone call received/made, first sms sent/received, first email sent / received so on and so forth and anything could change but my first phone call and first sms would always be for one special friend of mine who has been an integral part of my life, but I am not a superstitious person though...

I drove my car after a long time, I like to go for long drives. The roads at OMR were simply too good to touch 120, but I had my dad sitting next to me so I could go only up to 80KMPH. I had a good darshan and this visit concludes my pilgrimage tour. I came back few minutes back and I called up my close friend and wished her my first New Year wish. I too have taken a resolution for this New Year and that is nothing but "Not to take any resolutions for 2009". I already have a list of items that were pending since 2005 which I am yet to start.

I have one serious plan though, but not sure how I would make it happen. I want to get back to my cricketing ways and start playing matches. I had been paralyzed by a ligament tear on my right knee which spelled doom to my cricketing career, and since then I did not touch the bat or ball. Now I am perfectly alright and hence I thought I can start playing cricket. My fitness secret of maintaining at tummy less / tire less figure at this age (31) is mainly due to the fact that I play a lot. I am now seeing a slight bump that’s getting developed and I am afraid that it is my tummy. I should first start going to gym regularly and slowly move on to playing games.

I don’t have any great expectations out of life. I am a person who takes one day at a time. I know there are 100s of ears which are eagerly waiting to hear from me about my marriage, so the message for all those folks is, nothing is in my hand, if things has to happen, it will happen, so please stop scratching your head and when the time arrives, I would trumpet on the roof and let you all know about it. I hope GOD guides me to success this year as well and he keeps my friends happy, healthy and wealthy forever, for me my friends are my world. Welcome 2009, and Good Bye for 2008, which certainly had been a great year for me both professionally and personally.


  1. ahh thiruporur.. K too desperately wanted a visit thr... he too likes the temple a lot..
    and yea get bac to playing games tht s the best and sth which is likable too

  2. @Amrita - I have been starting my new year by going to that temple for almost 25 years now :). Ah, I am eager to participate in cricket match, but who will include this old man :(

  3. We went there last yr. Hmm i should say truly traditional. U get that feel only at few temples.


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