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Hi Folks, I generally don't recommend any videos to watch unless it has a pinch of humor in it, but this video, really shook me and it's a must watch for all youngsters like us. I think we are the only united force who can change this world and lets start acting towards a change, a change that will change the future generation. Its high time we all react and attack the problem at its root rather trying to clean up the mess. Just listen to this master piece speech given by a girl from Canada at the UN conference which happened at Rio this year. She made the entire world to listen and be silent for 5 minutes.

Girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

Let me know your thoughts on this speech and think hard about what change you and I can bring into this world.


  1. Though this video was moving around some time back,had a chance to watch it only now...why did she tell beggar in india?? Is india the only place where children are seen begging?

  2. Ofcourse yes, that too in majority. Probably there are child beggers all around the world, but we top the list :(


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