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Vinay was tensed to the core and he just did not expect that he has to see such a phase in his life. Life was so beautiful for Vinay since he married Preethi, and soon his joy doubled when they had Ashwathi. Vinay felt so blessed for the kind of life GOD has given him. Preethi decided to quit her job as she wanted to give her full attention to Ashwathi and Vinay is happy about that even though he knows that he has to take a straight cur of 80K a month from his family income, but as Ashwathi started to grow, they had this problem coming up and Vinay who once thought that the issue is nothing and it can be resolved easily, is now grown to its full size and little Ashwathi does not know anything about the problem and she was happily playing with her doll ...

One day Preethi was reading the newspaper and this ad took her attention and immediately she called Vinay and said, that they have to try this out, but Vinay was not so comfortable in taking Ashwathi there, because he is not so comfortable with the folks who gave that ad, but Preethi was confident that they will do a good job and hence convinced Vinay to take Ashwathi there. Vinay reminded the last instance where they took Ashwathi to a place and she was crying like crazy all the time and he does not want her to put thru the same pain again and again, but both Preethi and Vinay knows that they are running against time and they don't want to risk Ashwathi life. Vinay is bugged of all these but he has no choice other than going to that place where the ad mentioned and the scene there was horrible, there were lots of young kids in the same age group of Ashwathi and all were looking pale and weak and scared, Vinay's heart skipped a beat for a moment after seeing that and Ashwathi sensed this and looked pale as well

That entire floor was full of children crying and their parents comforting them, Preethi hugged Ashwathi who was visibly upset. The initial rounds of test were conducted and they were waiting for the results, Ashwathi's hands have started to swell and that is not a good sign, little Ashwathi was crying in pain as her hands and finger started to swell, to add more tense and pressure to the situation, Ashwathi's results came and it was all POSITIVE. Vinay just could not see that, so he walked off the corridor. The heart beat was increasing when little Ashwathi was taken inside the room and both Preethi and Vinay were not allowed to come in.

While Preethi was anxiously waiting outside for more than 30 minutes and she heard a huge cry of Ashwathi and there stopped Preethi's heart, immediately a person came rushing out of the room and called her inside, Vinay stood frozen there, and after 5 minutes of time, Preethi came out of the room with her dhuppataa covering her mouth and tears flowing down her cheeks, Vinay did not have the guts to ask her "What happened", with words blocking her throat, she gathered some strength and said "Vinay ... Ashwathi has got the admission and we can go and pay the fees". Vinay was jumping up and down in the corridor and little Ashwathi came out with a CADBURY bar in her hand.


  1. hahahahah good one sat... u jus humored the topic ... kids n parents have to go thru a hell lot for all this... but amazing way to write bout it :)

  2. very well written, bt one small correction, these days only parents are anxious and kids are super cool and confident ;)

  3. hahaha.. LOL :) ippollaam school admission kidaikardhu periya vishyamaa dhaan irukku. Indha build up worth dhaan :)

  4. Tat was a superb one mate....never letting out a clue....gripping till end :)

  5. super super super.....I though the ending would be "Preethi came out of the room with her dhuppataa covering her mouth and tears flowing down her cheeks and a beautiful baby girl wrapped in a pure white towel" ;)
    This ending was something unexpected!!

  6. @All - Thanks makkale, for all your comments and that is what is making me to blabber such stories ;))

  7. Knowing you...I thought the ending would probably be something like...they finally managed to giver her a haircut :)

  8. news lah i saw that parents formed q outside dav school for pre kg children.like in the night about 12.aiyo rama.such a stupid school such rush.pavam intha kalathu pullainga.namellam esscope.


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