I am your Fan ...

This guy for some reason stares me at office whenever I cross his cubicle, and most of the times he will flash a smile at me and I duly return that smile back to him, and till date I don't know his name and I am not sure whether he knows my name or not, but to my surprise, it looks like he knows my name as he wished me a "Good Morning Satish" in the restroom today, and I wished him back and I was not sure whether to ask his name or leave it as it is, and he was enquiring me about my project and how things are and the usual questions one would have in this IT industry. I washed my face and I was about to open the door and come out, that time this guy said "I am your fan, I used to listen and enjoy all your jokes that you crack", I did not know how to react, other than flashing a smile and wishing him a thanks ...

I picked up my cup of coffee and went to my desk and within two minutes I got an email from an unknown name which my mailbox has not seen before, and I opened it and the message read "Good Morning and Have a nice day!!! - *name*, I replied back saying "I think I am not the intended recipient and hence please forward this email to the concerned party", within minutes I got a reply saying "Satish, I am the one who spoke to you just now in the restroom" and I was like "Whattttttttttt ??" and did not bother to reply to that. My day was so hectic today and hence I could not get time to even pee and was glued to my desk for a long time. Lunch bell rang and my tummy started to grumble and I went to the cafeteria. In cafeteria, I happened to collide with a female employee by accident, I was narrating something to my gang and she was getting up from her chair to take something, in that mele I happened to dash my hands on her elbow and of course the pain was on my hand as her elbow bone hit me hard. Finished lunch and came out ...

My blackberry blinked at me with a new mail and it was from that same person "Looks like you had a painful collision and a smiley", I just do not know what to reply or how to react to that, so left it as it is. Once again I was glued to my work and few haunting issues made me sink into it and I did not utter a word all thru the day. No one can stop nature and hence I had to relieve myself, went to the restroom and I was promptly welcomed by that same person with a wide smile on his face and he said "Looks like we both are drinking same amount of water today", I was like "Phew ... Oh no, not again", just winked and relieved myself, to my shock that person was waiting for me till I finished, and said "I wish I could come and join your team", I was like "For what ?? To go to loo together is it??". He narrated one of my comments which I passed few weeks back and said, he was laughing over that for almost 2 weeks. Actually speaking, I did not know what he said, as my mind was pretty much occupied on my issue.

Here comes the highlight, he asked me if I am from Andhra Pradesh, I said "I am from Chennai" and then he followed "You are Satish from I-Gate right?" and I said "No, I am from Oracle", he said "You only interviewed me in I-Gate", I was like "What the hell ?? I never worked for I-Gate, then how I could have interviewed him? and said "No, I never worked for I-Gate", he said some big sentence in "Telugu" and then stared at me, and I said "I don't know telugu", he cross verified my name as "Satish Nagabushanam", and I replied "Satish Nagasubramaniam", finally he said "Sorry, I don't know you, I mistook you to be my I-Gate colleague" and I was wondering "What about the statement "I am your fan" " ??. I am always surrounded by such funny people who make my life happier :)


  1. இவிங்க எப்பவுமே இப்படித்தான்...விடுங்க பாஸ் :)

  2. I thot, "Avanaaaa ivannnnnn" types....Thappicha man!!

  3. Wat an encounter!!!!
    He he.. :-)

  4. rendu vishayam:
    onnu-cinema maadiri avalum nokkinaal, naanum nokkinen nadakkala!!!!!

    rendaavadhu-nalla gaalam aal maaraattam verume bussunu pochu, aduve ungalai adikkarada irunda,unga fan club varutha padum. hi hi hi hi hi

  5. Toooo badddd.. he could have remained ur fan na.. just cos u aint from AP or from IGate does nt mean he cant be ur fan
    ask him to read ur blogs..

    waise seemed like he was stalking u ;) hehe be careful :D :P

  6. Lol ;))) nejammave superb fan thaan, especially i liked this statement...
    //Looks like we both are drinking same amount of water today"//

  7. ha ha avanedhan ya ivan!!

  8. @Folks - Update - Today I met that guy again and he said "I spoke to that real Satish yesterday" :((( Still he did not complete, who's fan he is ... :(

  9. Uh ho.. get it na.. hes NOT your fan..
    but okay am a fan of your blogs!! So keep writingggggg

  10. @Amrita - I am truly honored by that statement :)

  11. hey, he still should be your fan right ? he said he was listening to yr jokes ??

  12. Satish, u been tagged!

  13. Did this guy not verify your surname when he choose your name from the address book?!?

    Oru group-a thaan alayarainga....

  14. @Lavanya Sriram - Adhu thaan yaa puriyala, avan two disconnected statements pesitu poitaan, totalla enna confuse panni :(

    @Talkative Man - He mis-read my last name as Nagabhusanam which is actually Nagasubramaniam :( enna kodumai saravanan idhu :(


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