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Life is Strange ...

Before even I start writing this, I would want to let you folks know that I will not disclose any name and this post should just be digested the way I have written. This post is about a very famous personality and the chemistry we both share. I happen to meet this popular actor on the net and we happen to meet in a social messaging website, she was asking some query and I replied to that query without even knowing that she is a famous personality, but today she happen to be one of my very good friend and I am surprised that I took some one as my friend in a very short duration. This post is about her and the fact that she changed the whole perception of an "Actor" in my mind...

She first asked me many questions in the social networking website and I was replying to her, suddenly she asked me if I can help her out in developing a website for her. I seriously did not believe in the first place that she is an actor and I was thinking that someone was kidding me. We were still talking over the networking site and finally she gave me her email id with a condition that I should not share that with anyone, and I obliged to that and added her in my gtalk, and that's when we started discovering each other and I started discovering a genuine good hearted person who is quite visible beyond the "Actor" skin. I still did not believe her that she is an actor, and immediately she called me to surprise me and this time I have to believe that, because it does not seem to be a faked voice, and to add more substance to the proof she sent me an email of the post card of her yet to be released movie.

The best thing I liked about her is her frankness, she talks like a girl next door to you and with no attached feathers, and she is so down to earth without any ego or head-weight. I have told her that I am NOT her fan and I am just her friend, which she actually liked. She told me that she should be a star where anyone can reach, and she recollected an incident where she waited to get an autograph of a cine star and has to miss her math’s exam. The biggest quality of her is her frankness, she just does not apply any sugar coating to her words, whatever she says, it will be straight from the heart, and it was stunning to see an actor talking to a stranger like me with ease and also not fearing to share her contact number or address. The only complaint I have on her is, she hardly sleeps, she sleeps very late into the night, she would be online till 3 or 4 in the morning, and of course she is giving me a good company to chat as I am in the US :)

It has now become a habit that we both chat for hours together and share lots of common things that we have, as a result she chose to call me "uncle" and I chose to call her "buddy". I being a very restricted person when it comes to sharing my personal details, felt at ease with her and told her some of the important facts of my personal life, she on the other hand discussed some of her gossip issues which is haunting her right now, we both were surprised to see that we were at total comfort zone with each other and felt that our chemistry is simply perfect and it worked well. I on the other hand cannot see her as an actor, I could see her only as a friend and nothing more, so I don’t have the thrill of me moving with an actor. I am sure anyone who moves with her would feel the same way, because she does not talk as if she is an actor. Simple, humble and a modest human being.

Life is so strange, I never have imagined that I will be chatting with an actor who is so famous and not even dreamt that an actor would be so humble. I even told her that I still cant believe that this has happened and I never expected an actor to be reachable for a common man like me. Hey, I am sure you will read this post, I just wanted to let you know that, I have just found a friend for life and I hope you too feel the same, may you be like this forever and just don’t change, I am sure with your character and attitude, sky is the limit. God Bless you, and this uncle is old enough to bless you.


  1. Good to have a friend who is simple and modest.

    Hats off lady for your simplicity.

  2. enakku adhu yaarunu theriyume... ha hahaha...

    uncle ah?? naan thaan mama nu koopdren nenacha ellarume ungala apdi thaan koopdrala??

    nice nice... Vazha um puhazh valarga ungal natpu

  3. solla ponna... namabave mudiyala... still truth is truth ... talking to an actress .. so down to earth in real life.. is really a strange thing.... v all portray them as someone with so high ego and attitude.. u really cleared that from ma mind ... hope u have a good friendship ....



  4. well.. curiosity killed the cat.. so as a responsible reader.. i'll ask "who is she".. as a responsible person..u dont need to answer that.. she maybe an actor..but basically human.. n humane as u said..

  5. yovu yenna chumma allei veduriayee...Ivaru onlinule iruparam avanga vanthu pesuvangulam appram actor solluvangalamam..which actor has free time to talk nowadays. May be some mimicry guy fooled you anne, even some of my friend can talk like asin so you think asin is talking to you.. dont beleieve this kind of online chatters...vayasakuthulla athu thaann intha mathri….

  6. I was just sipping coffee and while disposing the cup, thinking 'Cricketers, FilmStars, all live on a different level and their talents should be evaluated apart from their personal lives..", then I come back to check your blog and find this :-)

    Nice. Good conversation indeed.

    BTW, are you sure it's not this guy? hahaha

  7. Whoa!! hmmm u have some liasons over the internet Satish!!!!!I am amazed....Good luck uncle :D



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