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I don't know why, but I am feeling nostalgic these days and there is certainly a reason for that. Right from my childhood I always enjoyed summer, for variety of reasons though. I dont have the habit of going elsewhere to spend my summers, I dont visit relatives place and spend months together there, I am the lone child in my house, but I know how to make my summer holiday special. I used to spend time in drawing lots of cartoons, I discover / invent new new games which I can only play, playing pranks in-house with my mom as she will also be on leave (she was a teacher) and above all what if I dont mention about raw mangos ?? and an interesting story that hides behind that ...

I used to go by walk to my school which is located very near to my house, the roads by which I used to go is very scenic there used to be trees on both the sides and it will be pretty cool and shadey, those trees will wear a yellow blanket of flowers over them and the fragrance that would mix along with the wind during the afternoon is something which I will cherish in my memories forever. I had this funny habit of collecting "Arali Seeds" when I come back home, I used to play "Kallaangaa" with that, its a game where you throw few seeds in air and then hold some on the top of your hand, not in your palm and try to gather the dropped seeds without allowing the other seeds to fall, well this is one game which I play with my granny.

Yesterday I went by my car in the same road, I asked my driver to stop and then asked him to leave me there so that I can take a walk, I recollected every single incident that happened
when I used to walk that way from school to my home, which still stays fresh in my memory. Once I was dashed by a small cow, probably few months old, luckily he does not have any horne, lafter this incident I became his good friend, I used to feed him with leaves and banana's and every day he used to wait for me in that same place, and I used to give him my lunch also at times. Once an old lady who is not so well off, dropped her can of oil which she was bringing home from the ration shop, she cried so badly for that and she was actually trying to absorb that in her saree and squeeze it in her can, I dont have money at that time to give her, but I gave her my water bottle which has the quality of absorbing water thru a pump like stuff. That was actually the first lesson I learnt when it comes to know the value of money. I was blasted for "Losing" that costly water bottle which is a different story.

Though summers are always hot, I enjoyed playing in that hot sun all thru the day, I used to go to a nearby ground and beg the seniors to join me in their team, some team would allow me to join, some will not, but I never lost hope, I used to be the ball boy, I used to run everywhere in the ground and pick up balls for them, that actually helped me in practicing the throw and as I grew, I became so accurate in throwing it back to the stumps. I went passed "Antony's school" ground yesterday, I walked out of my car, just roamed on the ground like a dog, I re-collected the matches I played their with my friends, I still remember the incident where my team carried me on their shoulders after me winning the match for my team by smashing a six in the last ball, I told myself - "gone are those days ...", still people are playing cricket in that same ground and there will be another satish who will be begging around to get a chance to play.

Summer holidays during my school days were always creative, I used to draw, I used to sing, I used to write stories and drama's, may be those were the times I discovered a lot about me, as I grow up, those creative thinking helped me a lot in winning lots of hearts. I proved my so called singing skills at the film industry for a while and all those would be because of the songs that I used to sing when I was young. When I staged my first humour skit in Narada Gana Sabha for Humour Club, where personalities like S.Ve.Sheker, Crazy Mohan, Mouli, Kaathaadi Ramamoorthy who were veterans in humour, I was actually jittery to start, but as the drama unfolded, I gained confidence and I won the "Best Humourist of the Year" award, again those summer holidays gave me the time to dig out my talents. Apparently that show happened during one hot summer day in 2002. Summer has always left sweet memories in my life, apart from the examination fear I used to have. I once believed that "Pulliar Chuzhi" alone in the answer paper would make me pass, coz no one can fail GOD. :)))). I did not stop there, I drew a full blown "Pullaiyaar" in the first page and that answer paper was not given to me, as my class teacher liked it a lot, she took it with her after putting 10 marks for that, though I did not answer any other question in that question paper

Well, It wont be nice if I finish this post without telling you the story behind that raw mango. Myself and my mom used to go to her dad's place which used to be in Alwarpet, that is a very big house inside "Venus Colony" and currently that is the house where director Maniratnam lives. There is one samaajam opp to my grandpa's house and it is called "Aastrika Samaajam" where lots of music concerts used to happen, during off season time, that samajam will be completely empty and there used to be a mango tree inside that samaajam, me being a mango crazy fellow, I used to slip through the watching eyes of my thaathaa and then escape to that samaajam, all these happened when I was 6 years old. That samaajam has a watchman and he lives there with his family. He had one daughter by name Indira, everyday she used to collect mangos for me and we both used to go under the dais and then eat it, this actually continued all thru summer where my mom used to take me there once in 2 days. She was very affectionate with me, and manytimes I had lunch at their place, and that is the first time in my life where I tasted boiled egg. I dont know what to call about that relationship, but my heart used to feel heavy whenever I used to miss her. I would be waiting to see her every time I go there and all our meetings were so special. How many "sweet nothings" we would have discussed under that dais. Actually more than the taste of Mangos, its the time that I will spend with Indira facinated me a lot. I dont want to define that relationship now, coz that is a very pure relationship which cannot be named.

After writing this blog ... I am feeling a extremely nostalgic ... I know I cannot rewind my life to that phase of my life ...


  1. hmm hmm :) nostalgia... the bittersweet emotion


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