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Since the verdict of Supreme Court which said that the views presented in an individual's blog is going to provoke a community or a caste or a nation, that blogger is subjected to be responsible for any repercussions that happen after that, so keeping that verdict in mind, I would like to present my views on LTTE and Sri Lankan government in a very political way ... There may be difference of opinions on this post, but I would not be ready to debate on that. This post is purely my personal view on the issue and I am not responsible for mis-interpretation of this subject.

I am an outsider like many others to this issue and hence I would like to take a neutral stand here and does not want to be biased. If I were the president of Sri Lanka, I too would have taken this extreme step, because I have left with no option other then weeding the LTTE out of my nation. Anywhere you go in this world, if a particular caste or community or a sect who try to fight against the government of the country where they live, they would face the same music. It is not at all fair for an outsider to go there and then fight for rights, he or she has to adjust themselves to live within that environment and try to make their lives happy. Sri Lanka is not going to yield to the pressure of LTTE, which LTTE has to understand. There is no point in sacrificing your life for a cause which is not going to materialize.

They have been fighting for a separate land since I was a kid and if their concerns are genuine and if their aim is to live peacefully, LTTE should have compromised to some extent during the numerous peace talks that were held between them and the Government, but they just does not seem to realize and what they failed to understand is, a country's ARMY is always much powerful than what they have, any one will have more power and intensity when they are fighting for their nation, NATION always comes first than anything else in our lives. The so called support that they are expecting from Tamil Nadu is another political stunt, we are no way related to them, even if you take the language, what they talk is not TAMIL, it’s a version of TAMIL which is not followed anywhere else other than Sri Lanka. The moment they killed Rajiv Gandhi, LTTE has lost all the support that it had from India.

War is something which was inevitable and LTTE forced the Sri Lankan government to take that extreme step, how many valuable lives those devils have taken from us just for the sake of them having a separate land to live. Coming to the most controversial discussion - Killing the civilians. People from across the oceans have commented on this, I am not a "Hitler" but what I can say is, civilians getting killed is again inevitable when there is a war, but what we have to keep in mind that the ARMY is not showering bomb shells on the areas where civilians live, actually they are firing the areas where LTTE has detained few civilians for their safety, those spineless warriors are hiding behind the ass of an innocent civilian, for that lets not blame the ARMY.

If at all Sri Lanka has to restore its peace and pride, those anti-social elements have to be eradicated till the last root, LTTE is not an organization which has done loads of welfare to the society, they are the most selfish creatures on earth and just don’t equate them to Tamilians and Tamil Nadu. It’s the sickening Tamil Nadu politicians who are trying to play some stunt as if they are worried about those innocent "tamilians" in Sri Lanka, if they are really worried, then why the hell we are hearing such horrific stories about the "Mandapam" relief camp where those poor Srilankan Tamilians come as hostages ? All politicians are bas***** and let’s not trust their words even a bit. First let’s clean our country and then worry about the dirt that is there in our neighboring countries. The BANDH which was held by the ruling party in Tamil Nadu is heights of harassing the "tamil" people who live in Tamil Nadu. Why the F*** we need to suffer for a cause for which we are not responsible ? And what the hell we gain by staging a BANDH, bloody we are only going to lose millions and millions of money.

Yesterday I saw a scene which we quite similar to what we see in cinema's. A gangster team came in a Innova to Mylapore and they literally slapped a shop owner who has kept his mobile recharge shop opened, they broke the tea table of a tea shop which was offering tea, where on earth this "Essential Services Maintenance Act" (ESMA) disappear ??, there were no hotels opened in the city, what will poor bachelors who are totally dependent on outside food do ? What is this government going to achieve by making us to suffer for a bloody cause which is happening in Sri Lanka ?? Is a Sri Lankan gonna come here and vote for this ruling party ? Non-sense. Those goondas literally behaved like rouges and my cheap stupid mind was thinking "Cha, namba thalaivar Rajinikanth mattum ippo inga irundhurundhaa, chummaa suthi suthi parandhu parandhu adichurupaare" nu.


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