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Tagging is getting innovative day by day in this blog-o-sphere. This time too I am with a tag and the credit goes to Amrita. This tag is meant to scribble random thoughts, facts, habits and goals and finally I need to catch 25 more goats like this and ask them to do the same thing ... Well, and here I go with my thoughts ...

1. I have started to read news papers very meticulously nowadays and try to keep track of almost all the current happenings in and around the world. I don’t know how I got into this habit, but somehow it got attached on its own. Though I get time to read those morning newspapers only in the nights, but still it’s a good time pass.

2. If I have to take stats of the one item that I prefer eating outside, it leaves me with one name and that is "Rava Dosa". I think I am addicted to that. I was actually introduced to "Rava Dosa" by my close friend L who happens to order that wherever she goes and probably I picked it from her.

3. I know I am burning myself hard at work these days. Working 16 hours a day is not doing any good to me or to my health or to my food habits. I wish I can relax for sometime and keeping my fingers crossed of when that day would come.

4. I somehow developed a passion to clean the utensils after cooking. I sincerely do that every day after I finish cooking my dinner or lunch. To be very honest, it actually gives me some kind of relaxation.

5. Wanting to buy a BOSE - LS32 Home Theatre, but current IT recession is not allowing me to spend 1.71 Lakhs on a music system. Though that amount is not a big deal to spend with the saving that I have, but something stops me in buying that. Its one of my life time dream and I will surely achieve that one day in my lifetime.

6. I keep my house spic and span. I don’t like even if there is small dirt on my flooring. The same thing applies to my restrooms as well.

7. I used to play very good cricket. I have partnered "Sadagopan Ramesh" during my college days and we both share a 100 run partnership as well. I wish I should have taken that as my profession, but somehow fate pushed me into IT. But now its all history, Satish cannot even defend a ball which is coming straight on to his stumps :(

8. Music is my blood, air and soul. When I am at home, Illayaraja, SPB, Chitra, AR Rehman all will be singing exclusively for me. I do sing along, but that's purely personal and I make sure that I am not audible beyond those 4 walls.

9. I actually don’t care about my looks. I strongly feel that we should never judge a person by his or her looks. I am proud and happy that I am dark complexioned, I am one of the most liked person in my office, I am sure it is not based on my looks, it is based on my character.

10. I am very choosy in my friends. I don’t move very closely with anyone. I would always be a spectator / listener when I am with new crowd. If I select a friend, he or she is a friend for life. I will never allow that relationship to break, even if the other one wants to leave me.

11. I generally don show my emotions out, so it will be very difficult for people to know my moods. Only very close friends of mine like L, C, V or R can tell my mood, just by looking at me and my eyes. I am a very difficult person for others to read me.

12. I have this very bad habit of biting nails and I have tried enough to stop that, but of no use. I don’t think I can stop that in my lifetime. Good that my foot nails are not reachable to my teeth, if not, I would bite that as well.

13. I generally take anything and everything on the lighter sense in my day to day activities. It is good sometimes and bad sometimes. People around me tend to take undue advantage of this and situations have become worse at times because of that.

14. I am a very bad teacher. I just cannot teach idiots. I am not a guy who someone can look upon as a mentor. I go wild when someone refuses to understand what I said or taught. Also I never teach twice, it will always be once and that will be the last as well. I don’t have patience you see!!.

15. Work is something which I take very seriously. I would want to do justice to what I do at work. I need to feel “deserving” at the end of the month when I draw money from the ATM. I never take my work lightly. I always give 100% or more.

16. I am an animal lover. I love almost all animals in this world. I had couple of un-successful attempts in bringing up a dog at home, those were street dogs though, since I don’t have anyone to take care of them, I am not buying a pup yet. The biggest reason in me not buying a PUP is my dad. He actually attacked me emotionally by saying - “You will bring a puppy home, just because you have to be happy and play with him, but did you think about that puppy’s mother and his other brothers and sisters ? Do you know how much that mommy dog will miss her kid ? do you know how much that pup will miss his mom ?”. After hearing all these, do you think I will get a pup home ?? I know the value of a mom, as I don’t have one. So it’s better to admire pups from a distance and not to own one for me. I make sure that I offer something for the street dogs I see daily in my area. I should say that I have got a big “dog” following for me in my locality.

17. I am very conscious about taking water anywhere outside my home. I will never drink water in restaurants or hotels. I will wait till I get to home and then only I will drink. I will not even drink packaged water like Aquafina or Kinley. I know it’s a mindset, but what to do, I cannot get over it.

18. I am a person who does not listen to others. In the sense, I will never make decisions based on others suggestions, I always wanted the final decision to be of mine, the simple reason being, if something goes wrong out of that decision, I should be the only person to be blamed and not others.

19. I am extremely spiritual. I always feel that GOD has blessed me more than what I deserve. I am thankful to GOD for everything he has given to me in life, excellent dad, granny and aunt, affectionate friends, wonderful job, above all, extreme satisfaction and peace of mind. What else one need other than this ? People say that I miss a life partner, but that would just be an icing on the cake, that’s it. I don’t believe in religion, which is something man-made, so just ignore it.

20. I would always look straight into the eyes of the opponent and talk, boy or girl does not matter. I strongly feel that, if you look straight into someone’s eyes, the chances of them telling a lie to you will be minimal. Take it from me folks, its not that easy to look into someone eyes and talk, you have to practice a lot. I started doing it right from my school days. That is one good lesson that my (late) mom taught me.

21. I have a very bad habit, when it comes to relationships. I do little bit of face reading and the success rate for my face reading predictions are a good 60%, so if I feel that some individual is a person with whom I cannot mingle or get along, I will make sure that I don’t see or talk to them in my life again. I literally avoid seeing them.

22. When I am not in the best of my moods, I prefer to be alone. I will switch off my cell phone, I go lock my room and the only person who is allowed to disturb me at that time is, Ilayaraja. His songs are the best healers to me and within an hour or so, I regain normalcy. It is a very rare phenomenon of me going and locking myself in my room, I could not remember when the last time was.

23. I don’t skip my bath even if I am running high temperature. I just cannot touch my food without taking bath. There was a time when fate pushed me to the limits where I could not take bath, as I severely injured my ligament during a cricket match. I did not take bath for 2 days and finally I begged the doctor to allow me to take bath, so I arranged a stole inside my toilet and took bath in a sitting posture. That was fun!!

24. If not today, but somewhere down the lane, you can hear my name in the cine fraternity, but certainly behind the screens. I have serious plans of getting into that field and preparations are already on and don’t know when GOD is going to bless me in that new venture.

25. I usually faint (to some degree) when I see blood. I feel dizzy and something will make me go weak. If there is an accident on the road or if I hear an ambulance siren sound, first thing I would do is to pray for that patient and his family. I don’t have the guts to see an accident site. I am very timid in that sense.

It took 3 days for me to complete this tag. I want “Something & Nothings”, “Chennai Girl” and “The Dreamydryad” to do this tag.


  1. Nice tag mate...straight from heart types....May all ur wishes come true

  2. aha real fun readin the post...
    my mom always picked stray orphaned puppies from nearby tea stalls n all...we always had one or the other in whichever house we stayed.. we are a big house of dog lovers.. but in the current house we lost 2 dogs.. one was poisoned..other bitten by a bigger one.. we were too crestfallen to keep another one...

    talkin straight looking into the eyes is sth tht i cant do without.. i dont like ppl who dont look into the eyes n talk...

    and gud to hear of gud streak in personal and professional front..and verrrrrrry glad to kno u r a cleanliness freak!

    awesome post..loved every bit of it

  3. @Chan - Thanks mate. I am still waiting for a lovely post on your blog, so please fulfill my wish.

    @Amrita - Wow!!! Good to see some similarities here. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to write such a post, so full credit goes to you :-)

  4. Sathish!

    O M G. 1 year and 4 months and I havent understood 40% of you. Thanks for the blog and I learnt a lot about you. Your writing skills are too good especially when it comes to this type of Blog


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