2023 - A Recap

So my blog has become just a piece of diary now, I don't post anything regularly and I am also running out of excuses on why I am not writing anymore, and there is no promise that I will be regular in this space in future. I do maintain this domain and try to at least post yearly recaps, so that I can go and read them when I get old.

So how was 2023? by the grace of GOD, this year went without any major issues, both in personal and professional life, in this time and age, a year going by without any major issues is a sign of blessing in abundance, no one knows what is in store for 2024, and all I have is hope and blessings of GOD to sail through another year without any major issues, my dad and athai continue to maintain good health and me being far away in Denmark, their well being and health allows me to focus on my life miles away from home.

Pranav has settled in his International School and has picked up speaking fluent english and is also good at maths, the only complaint is that he is not staying focussed at school, and has very less attention span, I hope I will help him get over that this year and make him focus a lot during classes. He is in Grade 1 right now and I hope he moves to Grade 2 without any issues.

Vidhya's side as well folks were doing good, so no major issues on that front. As I said, we were blessed to have a quite year without any major hiccups. 

I wish all my readers (there isn't a lot) a very happy and a prosperous New Year 2024. Be kind, be empathetic and be compassionate towards everyone, especially animals. I am sure GOD will bless us all if we follow that mantra of being kind to our surroundings. 


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