2021 - A Recap


I am just relieved to see off 2021, what a traumatic year this had been for our planet, the wave of Covid that hit many countries, especially India was just too much to handle, the lives lost due to this is shitty disease has left a bad taste in all our minds, no words are enough to console the near and dear one's who have lost their loved one. When we were all set to give a sigh of relief, there came this new variant called "Omicron" which has been more transmittive and more infectious than the previous variant of this virus, this has put brakes on my trip to India this December and that means I could not do sraardham for my mom for the second consecutive year.

This year we made an unplanned sudden trip to India during September-October as V's dad was cricitally ill and was admitted in the hospital in a very critical state, we all thought that he is not going to make it out, but god had other plans, he came home and is now doing fine and safe. Now if I think back, if we wouldn't have made that india trip, we could not not have made it to India now as the virus is all over.

Professionally it has been a year of change for me, after spending a decade with Accenture, I joined Novo Nordisk here in Denmark as their Senior Cloud Architect, a role which is really interesting and facinating for me, I am not sure how long I am going to be in Denmark, as it is already close to 4 years since I moved here, but I am going to enjoy this new role as long as I am here in Denmark.

Personally, both my Dad and Athai are doing well, it is never easy to be away from your family, especially when you are the only child, but I am doing a balancing act and I should admit that I am doing it pretty well, as I don't make them feel that I am far away. This time when I had been there, I made a lot of changes at my Mylapore home where I changed the washing machine, TV and refrigerator, just that the old people are comfortable and have no hazzle to deal with, adding to that I made many other work which eventually would ease their life.

My lovely son Pranav turned 5 this year and he is just getting naughtier by the day and started showing signs of what kind of a character he could be, at the first impression, it looks like he is a very very empathetic guy, who has a heart of gold, but I know these are too early to assess, but at least for now, he is one hell of a nice guy who is so empathetic for everyone. Our pet guinea pigs Mottu and Pattulu are doing well, they have hung around with us for more than a year now, and we are enjoying their company, adding to them, we always have our daily visitors (stray cats), Snowy and Pjusky who visit us daily and keep us entertained.

I think I should be extremely thankful to god for keeping me and my family safe during the times where no one is safe, I think blessings of my mom, paati, thatha and mahaa periyavaa made us to sail this year without any issues, I hope, wish and pray for their guidance for a similar 2022.

I wish all my readers a very happy and a prosperous 2022, stay blessed and stay safe.


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