Get Lost 2020

What a nasty year this has been, a year to forget, a year we all hope that never repeats again. I am still searching those fucking astrologers who all came in those popular TV channels and chest-thumped that 2020 would be a year of prosperity, a year of utmost happiness and joy, they all proved that astrologers are useless assholes when they don't practice the art of astrology that well, now the whole world is laughing at them, as their predictions were just upside-down.

It all started ok in 2020 and then before we all could realize what had hit us, Covid happened, it took the world by storm, threw all our lives out of gear, swallowed so many innocent lives, put millions of families in a path of no return, how many people have lost their jobs, their livelihood, loved ones, even in the month of December 2020, that shit has not settled, it has only peaked, still many countries are in lockdown, economy's are dwindling down, and there is just absolutely no escape to this wrath.

I am kind of locked in Denmark, has started my plans to relocate back to Chennai, but the current job market is not that good, and even if companies are ready to hire, they are not ready to pay me what I expect, so it's going to be a long waiting time before I hit India is what I believe, Pranav has already started to like Copenhagen and he is telling me that he would not want to come back to India, which is worrying me.

This year is particularly painful for me for these two incidents - SPB's death due to Covid on 25th September 2020 and my very best friend Raja's sudden demise due to Cardiac Arrest on 19th of December 2020, these two deaths tore me apart mentally and physically, I was so drained and I just could not come of the loss of these two lives even now, my anger towards 2020 multiplied many folds after these two incidents. I just loved both of them to my heart, SPB has been a very integral part of my life, and he will continue to be so, and Raja is more a brother to me than a friend, and I am pained beyond words on their loss.

Officially it has been a very good year, I managed to work from home since March 2020 and my trips to Sweden stopped due to Covid, and I have hardly stepped into my office during this pandemic, but I was still with IKEA account and expecting them to go live during March 2021. I am not sure how long I would want to continue with Avanade / Denmark, because I would eventually want to move back to Chennai at least by end of 2021, but that is based on so many if's and but's.

Dad and Athai are doing fine by god's grace, and my compulsion to go back to Chennai is to take care of them when they need me the most, they are not going to get young again, but time and circumstances are not so conducive now, and to highlight a very important point here - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS SINCE MY MOM PASSED AWAY, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I COULD NOT DO SRAARDHAM FOR HER AS I COULD NOT GO TO INDIA DUE TO COVID, this would be her 31st ceremony and I could not do that, but dad gave it as Irangnyam and did some formalities.

The whole world is battling so badly against Covid, though there are some signs of the vaccine getting ready for that, but again, those vaccines have to be thoroughly tested and proved that it is being effective for the virus, what started as a small cluster in CHINA has become a huge DEMON which the world cannot take, it is so unfortunate for the kids who are under 10 to undergo this pandemic situation, they just could not make a lot of sense of this, their happy playing times are being robbed, they are not going to school, they just a locked indoors and have no way to burst out their energy. Masks are more like an inevitable accessory, whether we wear pants or not, we have to wear masks.

Raja's death has brought all of my college friends together, now we have a WA group and has decided to stay in touch, it really pains to see that a friend who sat next to you in school and college is no more and we are not 80 year old's, we are just 40's and losing a friend who is that young hurts a lot. Raja will be in my memory forever, to date, his name is the answer for one of the security question that is being asked on some of my critical websites.

I just wish 2021 behaves slightly better than 2020, and it would take many years for the world to return to normalcy, airlines and hotel industry are the worst affected, many folks have lost their jobs and not sure when will the return to their jobs in near future, all I can pray and hope is things will get better as time goes by, but this year 2020 is something we all want to forget.


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