Covid 19

Ah once again ....!!!

Just like how we have never heard about the term Tsunami till the time we were all impacted by that, this Covid 19 caught us by surprise likewise. From where the hell this came and hit us all? Was this a bio-weapon like many countries speculate? I don't buy the statement of this virus has came from the BATS, damn, BATS were around for millions of years, and this virus could have been emitted well before and it's strain could have been well known and we would have had a medicine for that by now.

This pandemic really caught us all off guard and literally changed the world we are living in, social-distancing has been the norm these days and lock down of borders is the new geography. It is definitely a life changer. The number of people who have died because of this is alarming and our heart goes for the deceased and their families.

A special mention has to be made for doctors, nurses, public health workers and researchers who are risking their own life at this critical juncture and putting their best efforts to save our lives, and we should also credit their families who are sacrificing a lot for the world, especially the kids of these workers. They all deserve a big bow.

Being in the IT industry for over two decades I have seen many up's and down's and survived the worst of recessions, but this pandemic is special, this thing changed the way we all worked, when coming to office early and going late was considered to be the "hard-working" factor, "working from home" has been the new norm, managers who were sniffing on the employee's back has to resort to "trust" and believe what his employee is saying. Karma is a bitch right?

All the parents who were putting strict rules and timelines on when their kid should use electronic gadgets are buying the same electronic gadgets as the school education goes online. This is is only time where we all pray that our neighbors should be fit and healthy said a meme, how true is that. Those who begged to be with their family are getting their wish addressed and at the same time, there are many people who were not able to travel to their home town due to the border restrictions, hace resorted to some crazy ways to reach their homes, my heart goes out for them and their will power.

After succeeding in abusing mother nature for a very long time, nature decided to "self-heal" herself and now she is breathing some real good air without any pollution, the rivers are flowing clean, many un-seen animals are coming out in open, someone said they saw a dolphin in the back-waters of Mumbai. This proves one fact, if nature decides to give a whack on our back, it will surely do and we will not be able to withstand that whack.

I am sure this thing is here to stay for a while, so lets continue the same discipline and continue to live sensibly and never ever take "tomorrow for granted"


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