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One of my article has been published in an online "ViewsPaper" and this is my first try as a "Columnist" for an online-newspaper. You can find the same at -

The modern INDIA is loaded with bunch of professionals from both sex and they are considered to be the future and spine of this ever “developing” nation, but my worry is, for the past 20 years we are being addressed only as a “Developing” nation and not a “Developed Nation”. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia who do not have a rich background like what we have, are already a “Developed” countries now, and our country which is close to 2000 years in age is still a “Developing” country.

The only phobia that haunts today’s politicians is “Youth-O-Phobia”, they just cannot do any gimmicks in front of today’s youth power, but the irony is, today’s youth are more than happy to say “I don’t follow politics”, well, there are many reasons to make that statement, as today’s politics is more of a rotten tomato which is soaked in a pool of filthy drain water, if politics is that filthy drain water, our politicians are those rotten tomatoes. Today’s youth are good at a variety of things, including “arm-chair-cribbing”.

The youth of this country, has to stand up to corruption, they have to start developing the habit of questioning, we cry and whine about the flaws of this country’s democracy in FB, Orkut and blogs, but what have we done in reality to eradicate that out of this country. It is always easy to say “One man’s change is not going to have any impact” but every youth of this country decides to fight against these decayed political parties, I can bet, change is inevitable.

The amount of study and the kind of importance a youth of today gives to buy a new mobile phone is much more than the kind of importance he gives to correct his own society, he is happy to live in a corrupted environment, but not with a cheap mobile phone. Today’s youth think that questioning is sin, they don’t want to get involved in any mess, if they see an illegal activity happening in their neighborhood, they choose to be mute, rather going there to question the corrupt.

The silence of today’s youth is the energy for most of the corrupt politicians of this country. They very well know that a middle class youth who is fighting for his survival with a 9 to 5 job, does not have time or guts to question the corrupt. If a rowdy gang is attacking an innocent on the road, we are happy to say a silent prayer for the victim, but do not want to stop that crime. The power of youth is something today’s politicians are in fear of, They are more like a demon, which draws strength from the fearful.

Being fearless is the mantra of the YOUTH, the only fortune that today’s generation has to build up for their next generation is a happy, peaceful, and a livable country. If we continue to be mute, we will be witnessing the demise of this wonderful country in front of our eyes. JAI HIND!


  1. Congratulations on the columnist role!!!!!!!
    Define youth?

  2. Youth is Satish and Satish is Youth :)))


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