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Ah, it’s quite refreshing to see that I myself worked out a way to come out of this hibernation and then take this step forward to post something on this blog after nearly 2 months. Yeah, blame it on the marriage and the other supporting activities that follow it. I used to be a person who will be online close to 18 hours a day, but nowadays I am not available once I get back from work and my time is purely managed by my wife, she being a home maker she literally waits for me to come and we try to spend some quality time together. We are living in a clubbed accommodation, I mean "joint-family" and there are surprises which are waiting to happen every now and then, and yes, it is happening. Some day you feel as if this life is bliss, someday you fell WTF ...

Marriage is a very big decision in anyone's life, and whatever your horoscope may say and how much ever compatibility the horoscopes have with each other, there are going to be surprises and let’s first make that very clear. Arranged marriage is a different ball game altogether, you would have to be very patient and more than that you should be a good observer and a listener. Married life is more like dealing with a set of fresher’s, but of different age groups, everyone will have their own views and perceptions and will think that their view and perception is always right, and that’s when you have to darn the hat of a project manager and then keep them under control. I bet you guys, managing people of different interests and views is not an easy joke. Ok, long story in short is, I too have been weathering few storms here and there, but situation is well under control now and I don't hope this to continue forever, what is life without worries

I have been quite busy over the fact that I don't have anything great to do, but still I was busy. I have stopped tweeting or blogging or writing stuffs which I used to do before marriage and blame it on me for being so lethargic and partly on my wife who never allows me to sit in front of my lippie once I get home, and yes this post I am doing it from office. I am trying hard to keep up the practice of blogging and this is the first step towards that. I am now close to 60 days into my married life and I have the right to say this - "Life will never be the same after marriage, you will be subjected to enormous pressure and will be thrown into situations you have never seen or faced before in your life", well, I am not saying this as statement to scare aspiring bachelors who want to get into a wed lock, I am saying this as a matter of fact and everyone should keep this in mind. Not every day will be rosy, and not every day will be thorny, it will be a mixture of both and the success lies over the fact of how frequent you are inviting thorns and how frequent you are seeing roses.

Ok enough of giving gyaan, and let me tell you all the things that went by post marriage. I moved back to Bangalore along with my family, I bought a brand new refrigerator which was purely V's choice. I went to Coorg along with V to spend my birthday all alone with her and we both had a nice time. We stayed at Orange County resorts at Coorg, and fantabulous would be an underrated statement if I have to say about Orange County; to me they are the one and only top notch resort in INDIA. I watched this INDIA - SRILANKA test series and enjoyed Sachin's double ton and the thing that pissed me off to the core was these CWG scandals and I felt really ashamed to say that I am an INDIAN, we are witnessing one of INDIA's biggest exhibition of corruption and fantastic blame game, and all our hard earned money which we paid in taxes is being wasted in front of our eyes and as usually we all were mute spectators and we could not do much about this.

It is too early for me to judge how my married life has been going so far, and hence I am not going to comment anything on that, all I wish and hope is, let life be less taxing and more relaxing.


  1. I agree and pity for your changed schedule, later you will be thanking yourself for the adjustments and sacrifice of ' not touching your PC' ''அருகில் இருந்தும் தொடப்பயந்தேனே''.
    Any how these are all passing clouds, change is for better understanding , hope you have a gala time with 'v'. Joint family teaches you a lot like the hidden curriculam, reaping the benefits later!

    Coming to the part of CWG, I am scared to read any news item related to this, I have total aversion for this, do we really need to host this when our country is facing so many problems? Just mere decoration of the outer house won't benefit us in the long run we are only cheating ourselves.

  2. Good luck Sat, that's all I will say ! ;-)


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