Fate or Curse ?

I always thought that GOD does not do any harm to people who does not do or think any harm to others and I strongly believe in that. In fact the way in which I gain strength in my life is by thinking that way, but one incident which happened recently did shatter all my belief in that statement, though I may pacify myself saying that it may be a one off case, my heart refuses to accept that. I am puzzled to know why GOD gives so much of a trouble to a family who has done only good things in her life and who thinks only good for others. This is the story of a family who is now in a terrible state and this is the same family who we look upon when our family was in a terrible shape.

We know this family for donkey years now, they lived in the same street where we lived and they are also from the same caste as like us. They are so rich and at the same time down to earth people. My father's family (when yours truly was not yet designed) is a very poor family, my granddad is a "musician" who goes to every house and teaches carnatic music and gets a meager income and of course that was not sufficient to run a family of seven (5 kids + he and his wife (my grand mom)) and somehow they managed 1 meal a day and skipped the rest, in this situation the only bread winning person died, and hence my dad and his brothers and sisters were literally pushed on to the roads, and I wanted to thank this unseen gentle man who was the house owner of our current house, waived off the house rent of Rs 7 for the next 2 years till my dad got a job, who on earth will have such a big heart ? Apparently he sold that house to my dad and then made sure that he only buys that, even though he got lucrative offers, he was determined to sell that house to my dad for a much lower price, and for sure we cannot find such a person in this modern world.

When the situation was so grim and when our family suffered to even get 1 meal a day, this family volunteered themselves to help us out, they gave us everything, right from paying school fees to my uncle and aunt, giving rice for the entire month, and if needed inviting all 6 members in the family for lunch and dinner, though they had the money to do all these, but the heart to do that matters here. My grand mom used to sell some of the house utensils to run the show, but they will get back that vessel for us and still will give us some money to run the family. Today they are our living GOD's, if not for their help and support when that really mattered, our family would have been destroyed. If my understanding about GOD is correct, I would have expected them to be leading a wonderful carefree and worry free life by now, but unfortunately that is not the case. Recently they lost their only earning son in a tragic death, and on hearing that news the dad collapsed and he passed away, and now the remaining members in the family are that old man's wife who is 90 yrs now (she is the lady who has helped us the most) and the wife of her son who recently died.

That daughter-in-law is now giving extreme torture to that 90 year old lady, she is not taking care of her, she is not feeding her properly, she is raising serious allegations on that old lady saying that she has done some witchcraft on that family and that is the cause for all these mess. When my dad went there to invite them for my wedding, that 90 year old lady had narrated all the horrific tortures she has been receiving after her husband's death and how her daughter-in-law is treating her so badly. It looks like she gets her first meal of the day only at 3 PM. My dad was moved to tears when he came to know this, because she is the one who has fed him most of the days when he was hungry. We should look at the heart of that old lady even now, when my dad was about to leave the house, she went all the way to the kitchen on her own and then she made him "buttermilk" and requested him to drink that. Her daughter-in-law now thinks that she is a burden and she wants her to die, and she has told this to my dad. What will a 90 year old lady do? She lost her husband and son and she is solely dependent on this female, can't people give respect and have courtesy at least for her age?

Why is GOD so cruel on a woman who has done no sin in her life? Why does he have to torture her at this age? I am not able to understand his plans, so there is no guarantee in one's life that he or she will not suffer even if they do all good in their life ahn ? What should I call this ? Fate ? or Curse ?. I pray to GOD to take her with him as soon as possible and relieve her from all these tortures, and also give us the power of judging the people around us, we never know when anybody would change and put our life into trouble. I somewhat felt so heavy and hence wanted to post this.


  1. This is where KARMA comes. Whatever you get or do in this janmam comes back to you if you live for long, good that she had the support of her husband till 90 ,though she has to bear the loss of two souls close to her.
    I would prefer this old mami goes and joins some ashram provided the DIL allows, so that both can have a peaceful life.

    This is life, I can quote many from my life who have given shelter and mainly good food even to their own children apart from money in spite of the children well off, finally the mother is kicked like foot ball between sons and daughters and dying to have a good square meal, [ denied in the name of diabetic ] in the age of 85, husband left 2 years ago.

    many sons, they expect monetary contribution from other siblings including doing the monthly masiyam and sodakumbam, when the father 's medical bill was borne by his office at the age of 86, mother's bill is also taken care , what to talk of poor ones?!

    I believe in destiny, never take it as curse, the daughter in law i hope does not have any kids otherwise she has it . It is like the wooden bowl, what you throw comes back to you like a boomerang!

    I pity the mami and will include her in my prayer!

  2. :(
    very bad, Sat. i feel sorry for the old lady ! cant some one take her away from that DIL ?

  3. I was staring at my 10month son fast asleep last night and remarked to my wife that 'Isnt it strange that even the most crooked people, people we dislike most, most selfish nasty people, were all at one time innocent babies who slept quietly trusting their parents to take care of them? Maybe we should think of this wonder when we meet someone nasty and feel like hating them.."

    After some time, I concluded 'Maybe babies are loveable bcoz they are innocent...an adult knows whats right/wrong and if they knowingly do wrong, its only reasonable they get hated by all".

    We live in a complicated world and cant explain these things. Only God knows. What we can say is that the good people live forever in hearts of those they touch. While the thought of Nasties invoke a feeling of dislike even after their death.

  4. I think both DIL and the paatti need someone to share their burdens. Imagine the plight of DIL also , she lost her husband and her only son at this age. Atleast the paatti had come full circle in her life. This doesnt mean that i justify her act. I think both need a solid shoulder.

  5. Terrible yar..!! Really couldn't understand what makes god act so cruelly on such down to earth persons.. Pathetic.. My Prayers for tat old women..!!


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