A Volcano Called Sachin ...

A volcano called Sachin Tendulkar errupted today at Hyderabad. Oh boy what a match it was, an unforgettable run chase ever by INDIA, and who else can anchor this great run chase other than the master blaster, the GOD of INDIAN cricket Sachin Tendulkar. It was more like we seeing Sachin a decade back, what an arrogance, what variety of shots, look at his wagon wheel, lines were around every nook and corner of the ground, that is the caliber of a genius, he has the ability to play the ball to any direction at will. I would admit the fact that I was not at all hoping for INDIA to put up such a brave fight against the aussies after seeing such a huge total on the board, but the way master blaster orchestrated his innings, it was a treat to watch...

I twitted saying, Sachin's body language looks very positive and he is going to produce a cracker of an inning and that is what happened today and also the mysterious myth of INDIA losing every game when Sachin has shined also continued to haunt us. Sachin was at one stage went ballistic and was smashing only boundaries, and ponting was visibly upset and worried at that stage, on the other hand no one could give a helping hand to sachin by even staying at the crease, Ghambir, Yuvraj, Dhoni fell in quick successions and Raina's almost handed his wicket in his second ball and fortunately the catch was dropped, and then on Raina and Sachin pulled a blinder of an innings and steered the sinking INDIAN ship to safety, still the scorecard read that we are in troubled waters, slowly and steadily both of them matched the required run rate and brought the run rate down under 7 and maintained it.

Raina's wicket when INDIA needed 48 runs to win was the first nail on INDIA's coffin, Dhoni tried his luck by sending Harbajan who has proved threatening to the aussie bowlers went without disturbing the scorecard, Ravindu Jadeja showed some initial brilliance and at that time the inevitable happened and the entire nation went into pin drop silence, yes Sachin scooped a shot delivery towards deep mid wicket and that ball did not hit the right angle of the bat hence gathered height instead of distance and gave a sitter of a catch to the fielder who was standing there, that was the time we all saw Ponting bringing back his smiles and he knew that we can clip the Indian tail. Nehra as usually proved he is not worth to be touching the bat, and Praveen kumar showed some guts towards the end, but on the whole we lost by just 3 runs. I don't want to say that Australia won this match; I would want to say INDIA lost it.

Note to Sachin - GOD, We always know that you will have something special for us when it comes against Australia, but today you provided us an unlimited meal and that too in a 5 star hotel, I don't know what else to say other than "I am lucky enough to have born when you were playing cricket". The variety of shots that you played today was something unforgettable in my life, and I would want to say that, I rate this innings of yours much higher than the one you played in Sharjah during that sand storm match, oh yaa, that time also it was against the mighty Aussies. I was admiring you for the fact that, you not only played that stunning innings, but also you mentored Raina and Jadeja every now and then, you are certainly a true leader and our team should feel lucky that you are still playing cricket with such great intensity. I know you have always had this habit of creating records and that is something which we INDIANs are tired of speaking about. The entire world envy's you and we are fortunate to be the pride owners. I know your heart would have been hurt when you saw INDIA losing at such a close margin (once again), but don’t worry GOD, I am sure you would be waiting to take revenge on those aussies and I am sure you will win this series for us, even if INDIA is going to lose the series, this one knock of yours is enough for us. You always answer the critics by action and not by words and once again you have proved them wrong. Every critic of yours were searching for covers to hide their a**. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving such an entertaining evening, oh yaa, you have given us numerous entertainments like this, but this one is very special. Thanks once again GOD. May you live longer.


  1. arupudham saar..romba naluku appala ipidi oru match.facebook twitter blog yellamthilum sachin sachin than.india 3 runla thotha yaruma mathikala.i wud rahter sachin hit 200 rather india win that day.antha oru perfect cover drive onu..that grace,the ball going perfectly between the two fielders,and both chasing it and it still going in..waatha..sight to die for..free

  2. Yesss.. He is God!!!! A true gentleman and an awesome sportsman... We are lucky to witness him.

  3. India need not win world cup, champions trophy, T20 anything i f we get ot see such knocks of high pedegree in every match.....


  4. Nice article Ji.

    "Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord Is watching.



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