Pongal GO Pongal

Well, me back to bloging ways after a good break of more than a week. Pongal is over and now guessing what could be the next festival where i can take a long break and go to chennai, it looks like Tamil New Year is the next festival which falls on a long weekend. Its always fun to spend pongal on the land where its celebrated at its best, yes i was at Chennai and enjoyed every bit of that function, actually when i first came to Bangalore I went to one of the sagar restaurants and ordered for a pongal, then to the rudest shock of my life, the bearer gave me a "Pongoozh" ya it was terribly watery, he should have given that to me in a tumbler, but gave me in a plate, adhuvm naaiku vekkara plate madhiriyae irrundhudhu, for a moment i felt as if a small tail is developing on my back, the other ingredients in that "Pongoozh" were onion, coconut slices, ular dhal (ulutham parupu) and a big long red chilli, i think whatever that is going waste in that hotel will be mixed with pongal it seems, anyways no comments on KARNATAKA food, its something which human's can't eat.

I was one person who strongly prayed that SC should not give a go ahead for that "Jhallikattu" but unfortunately they have given a go ahead and i heard that under camera survilience they should conduct that bull catching, but what SC failed to understand is, bulls does not know that there is a camera and they should not muttify anybody, andha bulls enna cinima la yaa nadikudhu, ippadi thaan loosu maadhiri eadhaavadhu judgement kuduthuduvaanga. I was actually discussing on the same with my colleagues at office, SC had given a go ahead for the jhallikattu and all the villagers were happy and all well built, masculine youngsters were waiting in front of the "Vaadi Vaasal" and waiting for that to open, and once it was opened there came running 10 to 15 hungry LIONS targeting those well-built, masculine youngsters, then anga irrukara perisu onnu mic pudichu solludhaam "SC Jhallikattu nadathalaam nu utharavu kuduthuduchu, aanaa by mistake animal pera thappa LION nu adichutaanga, engala enna panna sollareenga?" nu, we all had a good laugh at this funny imagination.


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