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IT Phobia's ...

Here are some of the phobia's that exist in this IT industry, just scribbled something which came on top of my head. Request the readers to post their phobia's which they think would make more sense, even you can correct the definition of my phobia's... 1. Test-O-Phobia - Fear of their code being given for testing which we ourselves know it will not work. 2. Development-O-Phobia - Fear of reading specs and coding as per the specs. 3. Manager-O-Phobia - Fear of talking to managers who believes that everyone other than him or her is an idiot. 4. Management-O-Phobia - Fear of managing all managers who act as if they are managing everything. 5. Plan-O-Phobia - Fear of putting dummy project plans for projects which would never come up. 6. Date-O-Phobia - Fear of working towards a dead line which automatically changes once reached or crossed. 7. Mail-O-Phobia - Fear of forwarding those spam emails where we will be asked to forward to 7 people within 1 minute. 8. Food-O-Pho

Give me a Break ...

There are times where I feel why the hell I chose to be on the Technical Line, I should have gone into Management. Whole of last week I was working for 18 hours a day and I am still working. Today when I got up from my bed, I said that I am not going to stay at office any time after 4:00 and I made it a reality as well, yes, I came home by 4:00 today, adding on to the fact that this being a long weekend and I am all pumped up to go to Chennai (my hometown).... If you were working on my technically challenging issue, then it would have been fun and you would not be bored, but this hectic work is not of that kind, I have to work with another team and it is full of new comers and one team lead, none of them tend to understand what I wanted to do and they were doing things on their own, imagine how the situation would be, if politics join hand with this issue, man, I was mentally tired, that team lead has some serious attitude problem and he refused to take whatever this architect says, I

You - I - We & Me - Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 Time and tide waits for none, that dreadful Saturday too came and Varun seemed to be very nervous. He first wanted to confess certain things to his mom and he was sure that he could convince Kavyaa by some means, but he is too hesitant to take even that first step. Varun made a promise to his mom saying that he will marry the girl whom she decides, may be its too late to go back on that promise, but that was very much on the cards till he met Kavyaa. "Love is torture" he told himself. He has no one to blame other than himself... Varun's was asked to stay at home in the evening as the girl's family along with the girl is coming to meet him. Varun was physically present and mentally absent, his heart was searching for Kavyaa and the reason for missing her in his life, but he still had some ray of hope in his heart that he can confess this to his mom, like how every Indian cricket fan would hope that the last pair would win matches for the country. The f

Trek to "Kumara Parvatha" ...

It was a much awaited trekking for me, and I was all excited about that. I read couple of other blogs after accepting to come for the trek, and those reviews were really scary. I actually thought of backing up from that trek after seeing such horrifying reviews. Every blog had one thing in common and that is "It will be very risky and a dangerous trek". But I made up my mind that I am going to go there and experience those things on my own. I would have been the most unlucky fellow if I would have missed this trek. This is how the entire trekking experience un-folded... We had planned well in advance for this trek, all necessary transportation, food, tents, sleeping bags, medicines etc. etc were all made ready. I should say that our trekking gang is one of the most well planned gang and we generally don’t miss a point. The workload was equally split and allocated to all the individuals and each one of them have to complete their task and report the status to our team lead, so