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Job Sucks ??

Why no one in this world is happy about their own job ? Does it mean that everyone in this world is caught at a wrong job ? I have been asking this question to many of my friends and relatives and also friends of friends of friends and relatives of relatives of relatives, the answer I get is unanimous, everyone says their job "sucks", so at the end of the day we all are doing work which we don't like and hence we tend to be less productive than our potential but we aspire to grow in that field and get high salaries, there seem to be a total disconnect in all these isn't it ? If I want to conduct a poll and ask all my readers of "What kind of profession you would want to be in, so that you enjoy every minute of it and be productive and proactive till the time you retire in that particular profession" I am sure all of us will find it very difficult to choose such a profession. We all are genetically designed to crib in whatever we do and the search for a fully

A Pattern Called LIFE ...

Please don't think that I have gone extremely philosophical after marriage and this post has nothing to do with the change in my marital status, this just struck me today morning when I was at loo and yes that is the time where I do some real quality thinking, that is the time when I have solved so many technical issues at work, that is the time I try to understand and analyze a problem better and yes that is the time I really dedicate to myself. I was wandering in my usual territory of "thinking-in-void" and suddenly I felt that everyone's life is nothing but a pattern, there is nothing that continues for long, or there is nothing one can do to understand or change that pattern. We tend to do something meticulously for a long long time, thinking that we will be doing only that till we hit doom, but unknowingly we change from that and keep doing some other thing and still feel as if we are going to do that till the end, life is funny isn't it ? Once I used to co

Hibernate to Standby

Ah, it’s quite refreshing to see that I myself worked out a way to come out of this hibernation and then take this step forward to post something on this blog after nearly 2 months. Yeah, blame it on the marriage and the other supporting activities that follow it. I used to be a person who will be online close to 18 hours a day, but nowadays I am not available once I get back from work and my time is purely managed by my wife, she being a home maker she literally waits for me to come and we try to spend some quality time together. We are living in a clubbed accommodation, I mean "joint-family" and there are surprises which are waiting to happen every now and then, and yes, it is happening. Some day you feel as if this life is bliss, someday you fell WTF ... Marriage is a very big decision in anyone's life, and whatever your horoscope may say and how much ever compatibility the horoscopes have with each other, there are going to be surprises and let’s first make that ver