Job Sucks ??

Why no one in this world is happy about their own job ? Does it mean that everyone in this world is caught at a wrong job ? I have been asking this question to many of my friends and relatives and also friends of friends of friends and relatives of relatives of relatives, the answer I get is unanimous, everyone says their job "sucks", so at the end of the day we all are doing work which we don't like and hence we tend to be less productive than our potential but we aspire to grow in that field and get high salaries, there seem to be a total disconnect in all these isn't it ? If I want to conduct a poll and ask all my readers of "What kind of profession you would want to be in, so that you enjoy every minute of it and be productive and proactive till the time you retire in that particular profession" I am sure all of us will find it very difficult to choose such a profession. We all are genetically designed to crib in whatever we do and the search for a fully satisfied life, never ends.

Why did I even though of penning this piece ? Yes, I am also not happy in what I am currently doing. To be honest, GOD has given me everything in life and I for no reason should even think of cribbing, but yes I am cribbing, that "something" is missing in my life and I don't know what that "something" is, funny naa ? I hate being in this IT industry for more than 13 yrs now, I don't like to drive to work, I don't like to sit in front of my laptop and keep doing the same thing again and again, at the end of the day it is all technical issues that I have to solve and GOOGLE is always there to save me if I am in deep shit, so effectively I am not doing anything which would give me some sense of satisfaction or pride in what I am doing or the kind of money I am drawing, but still I continue to do the same thing again and again, it cannot be even called as "Old wine in a new bottle", it can be called as "old wine in a cracked old bottle"

So what kind of job or profession that would enthuse me (at this point in time) ? I have now developed extreme jealous and fancy to this profession and I should admit that "Discovery Travel & Living" channel is the one which fuelled fire for this "aspiration" I would say. I want to be "Travel Journalist" who just does globetrotting on someone's money, visits all exotic locations of this globe, meet people of varied culture, color, caste and breed, mingle with them, understand their life style, enjoy their food and appreciate their routine. Well, I am sure this kind of a job will be on anyone's wish list, but no job comes without any hazards, even this job has its own share of killers which would screw your happiness, you will be always on the road, your biological clock will be at its confused best, your eating / dieting habits will go for a toss, waiting at airports for hours together and staring at void will drive you crazy, and one day you will call "I Quit"

Doing what we enjoy is boon, but enjoying what we do is life. Today I may aspire to be a travel journalist, but tomorrow I may completely hate that job, but it does not mean that today I hate my IT job and tomorrow I may completely fall in love with it, that is not going to happen, all I can do is to minimize the amount of dislikes I have in this job and start appreciating the bigger picture of it, this profession has brought me more money, respectable social status, a fearless attitude to face future, I am on the mode of "self realization" and you folks have to bear with me for a while by reading such "good-for-nothing" posts from me. I am hoping to come back with a bang with all my stories and other funny encounters of mine ... so stay tuned and please don't run away :)


  1. அறிவிப்பு அமர்க்களமா இருக்கே , எப்போ 'பாம்' போடப் போறேள்?


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