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Fate or Curse ?

I always thought that GOD does not do any harm to people who does not do or think any harm to others and I strongly believe in that. In fact the way in which I gain strength in my life is by thinking that way, but one incident which happened recently did shatter all my belief in that statement, though I may pacify myself saying that it may be a one off case, my heart refuses to accept that. I am puzzled to know why GOD gives so much of a trouble to a family who has done only good things in her life and who thinks only good for others. This is the story of a family who is now in a terrible state and this is the same family who we look upon when our family was in a terrible shape. We know this family for donkey years now, they lived in the same street where we lived and they are also from the same caste as like us. They are so rich and at the same time down to earth people. My father's family (when yours truly was not yet designed) is a very poor family, my granddad is a "musi