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A Marriage. A Lesson ...

Marriage brings in new relations and relatives, though my family can easily fit in to a 13 seater tempo traveller, my wife's side needs 4 to 5 busses to fit in, and it is obvious that there will be functions which fall almost every week. This week it happened to be a wedding of my wife's cousin brother and there I went to Bhavani, a place near Erode to attend that function, it is the next biggest gathering for my wife's side after our wedding. Life always teaches you lessons and only few lessons reach your heart, in that way, I learnt another important lesson in my life at this wedding. She was short, thin built, slightly bent, greyish-black curly hair, striking sindoor at her forehead, turmeric coated face, lots of nerves running on her wrinkled hand and always with a smile sticking on to her face. She was acting as the primary consultant in that marriage when it comes to "how-to-do-this-ritual", let it be on how to tie this knot or how to wear this saree or wha