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I am back after a prolonged period of Hibernation and the man who woke me up from this hibernation is none other than our one and only super star Rajnikanth. I may be very late in posting this review, but what to do, I watched ENDHIRAN only this Saturday. I just cannot wait to blog about this and express my outburst of happiness and awe after watching this movie. This movie had got every ingredient to make it a grand success, Rajnikanth, Shankar, and A R Rehman, what else you need? This is the combination which is assured of entertainment and failure is a term which never exists in the dictionary of this trio, and this in itself is a huge pressure to start with. These are the folks who constantly raise the bar for their own success and make sure they cross the new benchmark that they have set every time they perform and yes, this time too, the trio has spelt magic on the screen. Shankar has once again lived up to the expectation of robbing the producer whenever he directs a movie,