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A Game that needs Oxygen ...

Being a die-hard cricket fan, the recent scandals are really hard to digest and that too I believe that a team like Pakistan has involved in this. To me Pakistan is one team who has this "Never say Die" attitude, they are one unit who I thought plays for the nation and not for anything else. This expose has shocked me and has put up a tough question for myself saying - "Do you still want to be a fanatic of this game?". I am not a person who watches only INDIA matches, I do watch that game played by any country, I appreciate that sport and the kind of talent that game has. When we hear such shocking stories, it pains so much that I have wasted good quality time watching that match, whereas I could have done something better. PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) were already in a pool of scandals, starting from doping to captaincy issues to attack by terrorists on a visiting cricket team and now with this "Match Fixing" scandal the curtains are almost down for them