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Atrocity Beyond Words ...

How should I start this? Should I say that I am proud to be an INDIAN or should I say that I am not fit to be an INDIAN or should I say I am not a responsible INDIAN? Being in the IT industry for more than 13 years, I felt that I did not know or learn anything about my surroundings and I was happy to be ignorant as I was place inside a closed vacuum balloon which did not show me the real picture of this country. I have lived outside of INDIA for a long time, but not even a single day I felt that INDIA is bad, I always wanted to come to INDIA and be in this great country, but with the current situation, I don't think INDIA is improving, it is decaying beyond recognition and we educated fools are waiting and watching for this great country to rotten ... Let me share my horrific experience in Regional Passport Office at Chennai today ... of course, it’s not my personal problem, but as a citizen of this country, I was humiliated today... I know going to a government office without an a

One Minute Stories - Part 2

I am somewhat obsessed with this concept of writing and the idea for these stories struck my mind at 3:00 AM and I got up, opened my laptop, penned it and then slept. I hope you folks too like it. Please do let me know your sincere comments :) Do it ... Shalini was very nervous on that day, her heartbeat was sky rocketing, but she knew that there is no other option other than what she has on mind as she has had enough. If she has to move on in her life, this has to happen. She called Aravind to the spot and she took a pair of gloves and sets of knife, which were actually presented to her by her dad. Aravind who was unaware of what is going to happen agreed to come to the place Shalini asked him to come. Shalini is confused whether to pray before this of come and pray after it is done, she was visibly shivering, but somehow she gathered the strength and told herself that she can do it and she alone can do it. Aravind reached the place 30 minutes in advance and was made to wait and in th

One Minute Stories ...

I myself know that my long stories are quite boring and I do wonder how my readers patiently read those, so for a change I have decided to write a series of one minute stories which I am trying to present it short and sweet. The success of the story is, it should reach my audience very fast and at the same time, the concept and theme of the story should stay for a long time in their hearts. I am not an expert story writer as you all know, but I am seriously aspiring to become one. I may be blabbering complete nonsense in this attempt, kindly bare with me and please bash me with your comments and I will surely correct myself. If you don’t put comments, I will mistake that to be a "silent appreciation" and hence I will continue to haunt you all with many more one minute stories. 1. Savithri - Vasanthi Heavens cut loose on Savithri's head and she busted into tears, the entire family knows that they have to deal with such a situation and it was just waiting to happen. Savithr

One day In Chennai ...

One day trip to Chennai was exciting, not only for the fact that I had been to my close friend B's engagement, I settled scores with an house-hold goods maintenance (AC, Fridge, Heater etc.) agency which was fiddling with my dad's innocence and minting money from him without doing anything and last super thing that a kind of closed my day was by playing with my friend's 7 month old kid, and he is always fun to be with and as he has grown up a bit since the last time I saw him, he is now trying to be on his four and rounding the house all the time. Chennai was not at all hot, contrary to the popular belief; it was a kind of pleasant, but a bit sultry. I first finished off settling scores with the agency folks who came home thinking that my dad would be there, and they probably did not expect me to be at home, for them I am a new comer to that house, and they said, they have to do AC service, and I said, the house has been locked for more than a month, since the last time you

Is that a Compliment ?

I interviewed this fellow few months back and he joined my office last week. He sits a few cubicles away from mine, but he can clearly see me and what I am doing. Today it happened that we both were the only two folks in the office at 8 in the morning. I don't know that he is also from Chennai and speaks tamil, all of a sudden my mobile phone ringed my fav song "Karikaalan Kaala Pola ..." and I picked it up and spoke for while in my mother tongue and cut the line. Satish being Satish, did not initiate the first conversation as I generally don't talk much to strangers unless they come and talk to me, may be its in my gene and I am not able to change that character of mine. He came to my desk and asked "You were the one you interviewed me rite ?" and I said "yes ..." On seeing me, he was not able to judge either my role or my experience or my age, probably he got confused. I don’t have anything to talk to him, so I did not initiate any further conver

Swami's Sex Tales ...

It looks like it is the period of uncovering "sex scandals" of the so called GODMAN's of this country. There was one who was flourishing money via flesh trade near Delhi and now a south Indian godman "Nithyanandha" was caught "saffron" handed on bed with an ex-tamil actress. I actually know a little bit of this Nithyanandha or should I say "Nithya-Aanandha" (Ever Happy) via one of my ex Oracle colleague who is a disciple of this fellow, he used to tell me so much of good things about this person and again I am not saying that he is now a fraud just that he was caught in a sex scandal. One thing I personally don't believe is "No Human is GOD" and there ends my views on such godmen's. What is so surprising is, the so called god men who get caught on sex scandals like this are capable of attracting millions of "devotees" all around the globe and how on earth that is possible if they are having such filthy thoughts and

அவள் ஒரு ...

நந்தினியின் மனதில் ஓடிக்கொண்டிருந்த குழப்பங்கள் அவள் இறங்கும் எடத்தை மறக்க செயும்மளவுக்கு அவளை ஆக்கிமித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தது. "ஏ பொண்ணு, அட உன்னதாம்மா, உசிலம்பட்டி எறங்கணும் நு சொன்ன டிக்கெட் நீ தானே, சீக்கிரம் எறங்கும்மா, உன்ன எழுப்பறதுக்கு அலாரமா வெக்க முடியும், என் வண்டி நு ஏறுதுங்க பாரு, சாவுக்ராக்கிங்க" - என்று கண்டெக்ட்டர் சீரியவுடன், தன் முதுகு பையை மாட்டிக்கொண்டு வெளியே இறங்கினாள் நந்தினி. காலை நேர குளிர் காற்று அவள் மனதிற்கும், உடலிற்கும் சிலிர்ப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியது, தான் பிறந்து வளர்ந்த இடம் தான் உசிலம்பட்டி என்றாலும், அன்று அவளுக்கு அந்த இடம் மிகவும் புதிதாக தெரிந்தது. தன் வீடு நோக்கி நடக்க முற்பட்டவள், ஏதோ தடுத்தது போல், தன் போக்கை ஓடிக்கொண்டிருக்கும் "செண்பகா" நீரோடையை நோக்கி நடந்தாள் ... நந்தினி - சுண்டிவிட்டால் சிவக்கும் நிறம் இல்லை என்றாலும், எவரும் அவளை கடந்து போகும் பொழுது ஒரு கணம் திரும்பி பார்க்கவைக்கும் ஈர்ப்பு உடையது. அளவான உயரம், அதற்க்கு ஏற்ற இடை, மொத்தத்தில் அவளும் ஒரு சராசரி பெண் தான். "பொன்னம்பலம்", ஊரில் அனைவராலும் "அறியப்பட்ட&qu