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Kadalai Podaradhu Eppadi ??

Well, I dont think i need to give an explanation on the above mentioned subject, as this term is widely known to all south indian youths, well for the sake of "Dummies" who (still) does not know what this mean, here is a brief definition of the term - Kadalai means groundnut in english and this term is normally quoted under the context where a guy talks to a girl for a longer period of time on a subject which is (all the times) not at all relevant to the situation, environment or the individual. So here we are going to see a typical kinda conversation between a guy and a girl, just to understand how to follow this technique to cover a figure. CAUTION: Over dosage of Kadalai Podaradhu can be harmful to any relationship, so reduce the dosage as accordingly. Here we go ... He and she meets in a pary of one of their common friend, neither of them have not met before and this is their conversation. Our guy is excited about meeting this new gal and wanna impress (depress) her at th

The THREE's ...

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: Satish Sat Cheetah (Friends call me this way, dunno why ?) THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU HAVE HAD: Minorkunju Kuttypaiyan Cheetah THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: My Hair Style My Slim and Sleek figure even at this age (Where most of the folks of my age show signs of pregnency, thoppaya thaan appadi sonnaen) My Sharp Nose (Ppl whih sharp nose are supposed to be smart, but i am an exception) THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU DON'T LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: My Back (i mean mudhugu, yaarum thappa nenaika vendaam), coz thats the place where i can't reach easily and sorinjufy Again My Back Again My Back THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE: Chennai, Chennai, Singaara Chennai - The place where i love to die THREE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU: Old maami's / maamaa's in weddings (They always ask when I am getting married) Palli (Lizard) Watching Sea / Ocean THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: My Alarm Clock cum Mobile My SONY Music System with BOSE Speakers My Laptop THREE THI

Silencing the Critics ...

I always wonder this master piece creation of GOD called "Sachin Tendulkar", he is always my ROLE model and i truely admire him not only for his cricketing skills on the field but even off the field i respect him for the way he is. He has this extrodinary ability of proving all the critics wrong by his actions, may be he is one perfect example for the saying "Actions speak louder than words". He has proved the entire world that he has not yet done with his cricket with his elegant knock(s) against pakistan in the recently concluded INDIAN OIL series, for those who were trumpeting on their roof saying "Tendulkar is gone, he has to retire, he has forgotten his batting, etc. etc." had to wear a black mask and then hide their faces behind their A*S. This little GENIUS has mesmerized me to the core that i can't take my eyes off him while he is on my TV screen. I wish i could meet him in person one day and then take a snap with him. I am still learning from

My New Smart Phone ...

Yeah, the devil is back!!!. I was determined a while back that i will not change my Sony Ericsson W830i for atleast a year all untill i saw this P1i, what else i can say other than "I fell for my temptation". I saw this cute little stuff through one of my friend and immedieatly the "devil" sitting inside me convinced my mind and then forced me to go and get this stuff the next day. There was a very heavy battle between my mind and my heart, but finally my heart won (as usually) and also i had a sound savings in my bank, so i was able to afford this hefty 20,600 bucks, but considering the features this little giant has in it, i dont think its priced on the higher side on the SmartPhone sector of phones. I sold my old mobile for 8000 bucks to one of my colleague. For more details about this phone, please visit P1I

Tech Bites ...!!!

New XP Theme Microsoft has launched a new XP theme which emulates the skin color of Vista, this has that attractive black shade and when applied looks fabulous. Its a real good change for all XP users who have been bored in looking at that conventional blue color. I bet you that this will really bring in a good change to your eyes, you can get that theme here Video Conferencing Utility Here is a cool video conferencing utility which is offering FREE service. This utility has been bundled with tons of features, but one quality that they have compromised is the VOICE clarity, which is not as great as Google Talk, i hope they rectify that in their next release. All you have to do is to create an user id with them and you are all set to start video conferencing. To get that utility click here ooVoo

One more Angel Retires ...!!!

Its a real bad day for tennis as it has lost one of its champion player and we will never have a chance to see her playing again on any chanpionships. There once came a storm by name Martina Hingis which took every one by surprise. When Steffi Graf and Monical Seles were ruling both the clay and grass courts, this beauty came as a flash and then proved a real threat to those greats. Her first match was against World No 1. Steffi Graf, even though she lost the match, she gave a very tough fight to Steffi. It was all success afterwards as she played some aggressive tennis I have not seen many women tennis players playing attcking tennis as most of them prefer playing base line tennis, but this little swiss beauty mastered the art of playing close to the nets and then attack the opponent from the word GO. Who could ever forget her French Open finals 1997 when she played against Monica Seles, she came back very strongly to win the title after she had lost the first set (0 - 1) and the seco