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Movies ...

This weekend I happened to watch 3 horror movies (I almost turned to be a devil now). One was "Sixth Sense" by MN Shyamalan, it was quite an interesting movie and the climax was simply stunning. I loved each and every bit of that movie. The next Movie was "Exorcist 4". I somewhat feel that director "Rosso Blair" has lost his creativity and it's high time he quits taking this series, the story is becoming more stereotype and anybody can guess the climax. its the same old priest coming and sitting near the devil's bed and chanting the bible, there is absolutely no spice in that. Even the make-up has let him down this time, the devil face is not that scary, it actually looks like me with an extra coating of powder on my face ;-) so whiteeeeeeeeee. The last movie was again a MNS film "THE VILLAGE", but I think he has outsourced this movie to some other director, this does not look like a his sort of film, this movie reminded me of watching &q

Justice to Dr. Haneef

Its a great home coming for Dr. Haneef who has just saved our nation's pride by suffereing a lot at the hands of Australian officials. You know what, infact i was very much convinced that Dr. Haneef should be a terrorist just becoz he is a MUSLIM, how stupid i can be. This justice has given an uplift not only to our country, but also for all fellow muslim's around the world. I too feel that MUSLIM's are unnecessarily targeted and suspected as terrorists just because they are MUSLIM. At the same time, i am not denying the fact that most of the terrorists (happen to be) are muslims, there might be a variety of reasons for that, but every MUSLIM should understand that their holy book "Qur-aan" does not preach terrorism or JIHADI. I have seen many MUSLIM's who are much good in character than a HINDU, so, to me caste does not dictate the character of an individual, its only the environment which is making anyone, GOOD or BAD. Well, i should mention the unity that w


Today is my birthday and also the day where one of my close friend (Lavs) is leaving Bangalore for good and moving to Chennai permanently. I am actually happy for her decision as she was very much frustrated in living alone in bangalore (a kind of home sick too). I had a very good time with her for these 3+ years with her and she is a very good mentor of mine. Anyways i am going to meet her in chennai whenever i go there, but missing a good friend is always bad you see.

Happy Birthday to me ;-)

Happy Birthday to mee, Happy Birthday to mee, Happy Birthday to meee, Happy Birthday to dear mee, Happy Birthday to mee. Ah!!! I actually thot of recording this song in my voice and then pin it here, but considering the lives of my blog surfers, i decided to pin just the lyric. Welll, this buffallo turned 31 today and its really hard to believe that i have spent 30 useless years in this planet, and since i have already become useless, there is not point in me trying to be useful, so please allow this useless to be the way he is. My Birthdays are always quite, mostly it goes un-noticed (i prefer it that way). I was wished by my dear buddies - Chandri, Lavs, Radhika, Meera, Sam, Shiva, Raj, Nithya, Paul (quite a small bunch ahh!!). My dad came from chennai last night. I just went to ULSOOR temple in the evening with my dad. Its a pretty normal day for me, nothing special. I have taken a wonderful resolution this year, i.e I will not take any resolution anymore ;-)))

Bangalore Traffic

Hooooooo, one more horrible journey to office. Without any damn reason there was a nasty traffic jam near EPIP Industrial Area, Whitefield. Thanks for the driving population of bangalore, who once again proved that they have balls in place of brains. The left lane was completely choked (for no reaon, though) so people conveniently took the right lane and choked the traffic which was flowing in from the other direction, there was a total pandemonium for more than 1 hour. Well, what is there in me writing this blog without the humour part of this chaos. Just in the morning i drank 1 liter of water, just to ease my bowels, and as planned i attened my 7:30 nature call just before i step out of my house and has calculated another 30 mins for my bladder to refill itself. Actually it was very chill outside and raining too. Once i realized that i got stuck in a bad traffic jam (out of that fear my bladder started to fill fast ;-)) i sensed that i am guarenteed a horrible journey to work, belie

Two years of Performance Tuning

Its been exact two years for me in this Performance and benchmarking team in Oracle. I started leading a team of 4 initially and later it came down to 3 ;-). But i should say that i am extremely lucky to have such talented folks in my team, guys are not money minded nor promotion minded, so it really makes the job of a lead easy you see ... I still continue to do the technical lead role in this team and expecting more responsibilities to come in my way as i prolong my stay in Oracle. But the sad part is ... i hate the city i live in (Bangalore) and there is nothing much i can do about it, either i should change my mind set or the city should have a total transformation from its current outlook, i know the later is not possible, so keeping my fingers crossed.