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My Dear NRI's

I had this (actually heated) argument with one of my friend last evening, he is living outside INDIA and always talks as if he is very concerned and bothered about this country and it’s so called developments, my argument was this - A NRI has got absolutely no right to comment about this country, he may have a birth right in INDIA but to me he is a foreigner who holds an INDIAN passport. When you feel you are so patriotic, why can't you come back to your motherland and then try to implement your so called views of improving this country? Why are you hiding yourself and just doing "arm-chair" cribbing? The reasons he gave me for not opting or even thinking of coming back to INDIA are these - Indian politics is shit, We have to beg even for the basic needs, The education system in this country is caste based and not talent based, Politicians in this country are killing its growth, this country is heavily polluted, diseases in INDIA are much more than any other country