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Thank You 2010...

Well, what an amazing roller-coaster year 2010 has been to me, it did a very good job in bringing out all the emotions out of me, it's like how Rajinikanth brings in all the emotions into CHITTI the robot. This year should be marked and highlighted in my life just for the fact that I too got married, though it was a sweet surprise to me, I did manage to handle that surprise very well. Life has changed a lot for me since V moved into my life. This year started with my marriage and the sequence of events that followed it was nothing less than thrilling and challenging. I know married life is always challenging, it is not less than a higher education one has to undergo without a choice, you got to be a listener at times, you got to be the teacher at times, you got to be the deciding authority at times, likewise one has to play multiple roles and be successful in life. One important lesson this 2010 taught me is, never give up and withdraw from a problem without even attempting to

A Girl with a Yellow Bag ...

The morning sun focused right on her face and that generated enough heat to wake her up. Every soul and every life on this planet starts the day with some struggle, and I don’t think we will have exceptions to this statement and she is no exception to that as well. She rolled-over to her right and grabbed the yellow bag which she kept last night and placed a void stare at it, as we all know, real life does not bring in a swivel wave in front of us for flashbacks, so without that she slips in to her good old days My mom is one of the greatest human being I have ever come across in her life, never ever in my life I have starved even for one meal till she was with me, morning breakfast would be ready even before I scratch my eyes and try to open it to see the first glimpse of the sun. A quick shower, a quick make-up and a yummy breakfast would trigger her day and it goes on till the last hour in the school gets over. Mom sleeps all through the day and works all through the night and tha